All that you need to know about screening at a blood test lab in Jalandhar


An annual blood test at path lab Jalandhar is a preventive measure that keeps you free from all sorts of degenerative diseases. By having a snapshot of your current health conditions, blood test reports help diagnose health problems before they fully arise to the surface, so that they can be managed effectively. Screening at the blood test lab in Jalandhar gets done with ease and comfort. reports get generated first. In addition, a blood test can provide you with a wealth of information that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Blood testing is essential for your overall wellness. When your body gets tested at regular intervals, It helps you understand how your body condition gets changed over time.


It allows you to make informed decisions based on your health conditions. In this article, we listed out some of how blood tests are beneficial for your health and well-being. Blood tests have a variety of applications and are one of the popular means of medical tests. Here is a rundown of the benefits of blood test reports. 

  •  It helps you screen General Health conditions. 
  • It helps you know whether you have an infection or not.
  • It allows you to check how your organs are doing. 
  • It helps you diagnose the condition of your heart.
  •  It helps you diagnose cancer, HIV, aids, and other critical diseases.


How does the blood test get conducted? 

 It is not a lengthy process and takes only a couple of minutes to get done. Screening at the blood test lab in Jalandhar gets done by a phlebotomist or nurse. The majority of the blood test doesn’t require any special preparation. As mentioned above, it takes only a couple of minutes to get done. However, some blood screening requires a patient to fast. Screening at a blood test lab in Jalandhar requires a phlebotomist to get a sample from the blood vessel. Usually, the arm is the ideal place to get a blood sample as it gets uncovered easily. In the case of minors or children, blood samples get extracted from the back of the hand. 

About the blood test


A rubber band gets fastened on the upper part of the upper arm. It gets the arm squeezed and slows down the flow of blood. 

In the covid-19 scenario, the nurse sanitizes the area of the skin using an antiseptic. The syringe gets attached with a needle and gets pressed to the am. It makes the blood vessels swollen and Makes it easier for the phlebotomist to take the sample. You may have a sensation as the probe passes through the skin. But, it shouldn’t be uncomfortable. If you have an aversion to the needle and blood, it is better to inform the specialist at the blood test lab in Jalandhar beforehand. As a specialist extracts the blood sample, it takes out the tourniquet. It requires you to place a pad on the please to keep it clean. For blood test pricing and availability, contact path lab Jalandhar today. 

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