All About Wall Paints: Detailed Information


The increasing popularity of well-painted houses resulted in people getting excited about painting their houses in desired colors. There are many options when it comes to wall painting, one can choose from thousands of colors and then hundreds of finishes to completely customize the look of their house. The effort put into the wall painting makes the house even closer to the heart of the family members. 

Different colors chosen for painting depict different emotions and stimulate various senses and emotions in our minds. For example, colors like orange and yellow provoke happiness with excitement. These colors chosen in the right way can add life to the bland walls while chosen in a wrong way can destroy the beauty of the house. Many painters are sure to do a job like painter in Gurgaon.

We always think that the color of the paint is the most important element to the wall painting, but it is certainly wrong because the type of finish the paint is going to give also matters. There are a bunch of different finishes in the paint world which are listed below:

  • Matte paint: This is the most commonly used type of finish when the aim is to achieve a wall that does not have any distractions and the goal is no sheen at all. The paints that have a matte finish are easy to apply. It usually takes more than one coat but gives a solid color.
  • Matte enamel: This is almost like a Matte finish, but it is relatively more durable than that. It usually does not need retouching and is very easy to clean. This type of paint is an excellent fit for those who have kids and can also be used in kitchens.
  • Satin: This is also a common type of finish; it lies somewhere between matte and shiny finish. It has a very smooth and soft sheen to it, and it is very easy to clean. But this shows all the imperfections in the wall.
  • Eggshell: It also has very little gloss to it just like satin but is less smooth than that. it does not show imperfections as the satin finish does but it is also easy to apply. This can give a better color payoff in a single coat make it a perfect match for most people.
  • Semi-gloss: This has a high sheen to it but relatively less than full shine finish. This is often used for heavy-duty purposes as it is very easy to clean. It also offers good coverage with a single coat. Being shiny, this highlights all the imperfections. So, if you have done a lot of repair on the wall, this might not be the paint for you.
  • Gloss paint: just like matte paint, it is also the first choice of most people because it is the most versatile. It takes a long time to dry and takes more than one coat.

There are high-class house painting services which master in these paints and can help you select the best match for you.

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