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If you are a student of science, and to be more precise of chemistry, you will be familiar with a variety of scales and balances and similar equipment that are needed for accurately weighing ingredients for any chemical experiment. Available from various top brands in this industry, and analytical weighing balance should be very accurately designed so that the user gets the ultimate accurate results every time. These are highly sensitive equipment and can react to the minimum weight. That is the primary reason why it is being used for measuring things as light as dust. In this post, we will share everything that you should be known about analytical weight balances so that you can make the most of these machines. They are not for domestic and commercial use and mostly seen in laboratories.

Different types of weighing balances

There are several types of weighing scales and balances which are used in research work and in the laboratories.  Analytical weighing balance is perhaps the most complex of all of them. It is designed to measure the weight of the lightest elements precisely. Apart from this equipment, there are several other types of weighing balance that you will find in the lab:

Analytical weighing balance- These balances are used for measuring the mass of elements.  They are very useful for chemical analysis works. There is a pan in the balance area and other parts include leveling pan, plump bob, etc. All these are enclosed in a glass container which makes sure that the delicate internal mechanisms are not damaged or affected in any way.

Trip balance- these scales include two pans on the opposite sides of the lever and are the modern version of the Egyptian scales. The object is placed on one side of the scale and equivalent weights are placed on the other side. The sum of the standard weights will be equal to the mass of the object that is being measured.

Platform scales- this type of weighing machine works based on multiplying levers on a load soaring platform. The weight is transferred to a beam that can balance by moving the counter pieces and counterbalances the weight on the platform. These machines are useful for measuring the weights of drums and of animals in the veterinary clinic.

Why analytical balances are considered different from others?

Unlike other weight machines, the analytical weight balance is more delicate and have very unique features that make it much different from the others. They can deliver very precise results as low as 0.01g to 1g. They are highly sensitive to any kind of changes and hence they are very accurate and are sealed inside a glass cabinet so that the weighing procedure is not affected by any external elements. However, they do not provide readability more than three decimal places. They are best suited for labs where such a small amount of weights can make a big difference. These machines are not meant for high weight values.

Features of the analytical weighing balance

There are several features and functions of the analytical weighing balance. They come with counting and check counting application features. They are very useful for counting pills, small animals, ingredients, and unstable elements like anything liquid. Some of them also have percentage weighing which allows more efficient and accurate formulation and useful is chemistry and pharmaceutical application. You can also accumulate all the elements and get their combined weight which is very useful for finding out doses.

GLP/ISO reports are essential in various laboratory work and these balances can easily help you find all these values. This means the researchers can get more time for their actual experiment and do not have to calculate and formulate the results which are already being done through these machines. However, these balances take a longer time to stabilize compared to precision balances.

These weigh are also seen in school labs for demonstration and application for science students. Compared to other types of weights these are more expensive and you will not find any daily application for these machines. Nonetheless, they are very useful and elemental when seen from the perspective of experimentations and science projects.

If you are buying any of these, make sure the balance is stable and accurately designed. You should go to a reputable manufacturer and not comprise the cost if you are looking for high quality. The analytical weighing scales are among the most indispensable laboratory equipment which you cannot do without especially if you are a student or practitioner of chemistry or pharmaceutical science.

When you know about the various nuances associated with these weighing scales, you will be able to choose the best one which is suitable for the laboratory set-up. Moreover, you will also be able to understand its application better and put it to good use.

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