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Alex Mendieta Public Speaking to Help Charities

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We all have seen many public speakers during these years. But there’s someone we all love from the core of our hearts. Alex Mendieta is one of the most loved public speakers. The man with no filters in his tongue, and when you listen to him, you can expect only the truth, and it can be brutal or blunt. He never applies filters to what he says, and his direct attitude makes him people’s favorite. He took a break from public speaking in 2016.


During his last performance, he said that he won’t be teaching people from now onwards because teaching others in his way means preparing his rivals. He was right about the thing, and he stated the reason behind him stopping public speaking is because he does not want to increase the competition.

Coming back and helping hand


Before he quit speaking in public, during the time from 2013 to 2016, he used to donate his earnings to the clown doctors charity. Then he stopped, but after 2016, he said he is about to restart public speaking in an interview. Now, if you didn’t have any idea about his charities, you will love to know that he runs to charities independently.


He started both of his charities in the year 2016. His running charities began when he decided to distribute 500 bikes to Vietnam’s children, so they don’t need to walk hours to reach school. His give a child a bike made it more comfortable for Vietnamese students to attend school. The second one is where he provides scholarships to international students every year. Most international students have heard about the Alex Mendieta scholarship.


Recently in an interview for a man’s health, he said that he would start public speaking again soon. Well. Public speaking is the right way for him to earn money. Now that he has decided to start it again, it will help him do better with his charities.


Reasons to admire Alex


Alex Mendieta is one of the most famous public speakers of the time. Several young entrepreneurs start public speaking; Alex Mendieta is no exception. He, too, started public speaking about starting your business, growing your career, etc. However, things took a significant turn when he said humans are hypocrites in one session; they are becoming more of it. He mentioned that we live in a world where the social leader tells us to think about something, but whenever someone has an opinion against the communists, they bash them. It was the first time the crowd went crazy over his simple words.


People started to admire Alex Mendieta after this, but the admiration never went down as he kept poking out the real points. For instance, he talked about how parents force their children to choose a course against their will, how schools are nothing less than jails, etc. The news of his comeback made his followers happier than anything.

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