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Throughout history, shoes have been a staple of a man’s wardrobe. Tracing history all the way back to ancient Egypt, wealthier classes wore sandals while slaves went barefoot. It didn’t matter if your feet were uncomfortable or your sandals were barely put-together, if you had shoes, you held a higher status. Nowadays, almost everyone owns and wears multiple pairs of shoes, and there are a variety to choose from. From flip-flops to sandals, running sneakers, casual sneakers, dress shoes and more! However, it is universally known that, similar to ancient Egypt, you can tell a lot about a man by the type of shoes he wears.

Here at The Shoe Mart, we have a variety of shoes to choose from ranging in sandals to slippers, boots, dress shoes and more! If you’re looking for a shoe that combines style and class with solid durability, look no further than one of our favorite brands: Alden. Handcrafted in their factory in Massachusetts, Alden has been making quality, American-made shoes for over a hundred years. If you purchase Alden shoes, you know you’re purchasing quality-crafted shoes that are built to last.

One of our favorite, and best-selling, shoes is the Alden 405. Nicknamed “Indy Boots” and worn by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones, the Alden 405 shoes are the epitome of what Alden has to offer: sleek, stylish, and made to last for every occasion. With over one hundred shoes featured in the Alden catalog, The Shoe Mart offers them all! To show how committed we are to Alden and how committed Alden is to us, we even offer special edition Alden shoes in our Bookmaker Edition collection. These styles have been created specifically for The Shoe Mart.

Aside from these incredible boots worn by Indiana Jones, The Shoe Mart has shoes that fit every personality. From the classic worker boot to the leisurely slip-on Alden Men’s 986 moccasin, Alden shoes tell a story and add a cloak of superiority to each who wears them. If you’re looking for a comfortable, yet casual shoe to wear around the house, yard, or simply to take a stroll around your neighborhood, check out the Alden Men’s 5734S – Leisure Handsewn – Dark Brown Kudu shoes. These shoes feature a heavily oiled Chromexcel leather build and are unmatched in their breathable comfort and long wear. Perfect for a relaxing day of comfort!

For the businessman who wants a perfectly put-together look from head-to-toe, check out our Alden Men’s 975 – Long Wing Blucher Cordovan leather shoes. Available in both brown and black, and combining style and business, these luxurious shoes are perfect for the man who wants to command attention. For a more toned down look, check out our Alden Men’s 9901 – Plain Toe Blucher Shell Cordovan leather shoes. Similar to the previously mentioned shoes, these shoes feature a durable, comfortable leather build for the man who likes to keep it simply classic.

In addition to shoes, we also sell the products and accessories needed to keep your shoes in the best condition possible. From polishing cloths to shoe pastes, bootlaces, and more – whatever you need, we have it! If you like what you’ve heard and want to get your own pair of Alden shoes, check out our website at For over sixty years, we’ve been selling quality shoes to individuals and we pride ourselves on making sure we fit everyone’s needs! Whether you want Alden or Johnston and Murphy, you can always find the perfect shoe for you! So, check out our website or contact us today and let us help find the perfect fit for you!

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