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Airline Consolidators Misconceptions How To Shop Smart

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Airline Consolidators Misconceptions

Airline Consolidators Have Restrictive Terms and Conditions.
Airline consolidators once functioned under a difficult system with restrictions preventing travelers from reaping benefits beyond low airfare. Passengers could not use frequent flyer miles on flights booked through a consolidator, which provoked questioning whether or not they were really saving money on flights.

Airline Consolidators Are Unreachable.
In the early days of airline consolidation, travel agents didn’t have access to local offices and face-to-face communication with the consolidator they were working with. To top it off, customer support operated within a limited time window, so agents were unlikely able to execute damage control with the airline consolidator when flights were cancelled or altered.

Airline Consolidators Don’t Offer Great Discounts.
Some assume there is not a large difference between net and published fares. Airline consolidators serve as a resource that allows travel agents to compare fares among different airlines; which, as stated before, can be up to 65% off.

Airline Consolidators Don’t Speak English.
Today, the travel industry is intent on hiring multi-lingual employees, and airline consolidators are no exception. Present travel agents can rest easy knowing they are able to speak with a consolidator in their native language and keep any misunderstandings at an all-time low.

Airline Consolidators Charge Penalties for Ticket or Itinerary Changes.
Airline consolidators can even aid in adjusting itineraries to fit present circumstances. Note that, while the consolidator doesn’t charge changing fees, some airlines do. Your consolidator can help navigate which airlines have pricey change penalties.

Airline Consolidators Have Limited Options.
Because they didn’t offer the option to choose specific seating and had limited flights available.

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