Advantages of Stone Crusher Machines


The modern industrial economy was built on quality infrastructure like roads and rail. One machine that was instrumental in creating the necessary road and rail infrastructure was, and continues to be, the stone crusher.

As India makes rapid strides in its pursuit of life-altering economic growth, the stone crusher finds itself at the centre stage once again. With an economy approaching the $3 trillion mark, the country is poised for explosive growth in the next couple of decades. Judging by the way the stone crusher has powered economic activity in neighbouring China, it would be safe to assume the same will happen in India as well. Be it real estate, roads or diverse industries like mining and energy, demand is bound to increase for advanced stone crusher machines in India.

So now that we know why these machines are so central to India’s economic growth, it is time we look at their advantages.

  • Simple Structure – One benefit of having been around for so long (the first hydraulic stone crushers were invented in the 19th century) is that these machines are nowhere near as rudimentary and agricultural as the first crushers. Sure, the principle of crushing basically remains the same but the way it is executed in modern crushers is completely different. Modern machines allow for easy operability, which means they do not require a high level of skilled personnel for daily operation.
  • Versatility in Crushing – Modern day stone crushers are designed in a way that fits stones and ores of varying sizes, shapes and types. The latter factors have no bearing on the crushing prowess of the machine. Easier still is adjusting the size of the output. These machines come equipped with either hydraulic or electronic controls to regulate the size of the crushed output. Once you specify the exact size, the input material is crushed precisely to the size you want. In fact, modern stone crushers are good at even crushing ores with above normal levels of moisture content.
  • Low Maintenance – Although certain types of stone crushers are costlier to maintain, on the whole maintaining these machines is an inexpensive affair. Important components of the crusher like the frame and bearings are protected and reinforced. This not only leads to fewer instances of repair or breakdowns but also ensures a higher service life. Most vitally, the wear and tear parts of stone crushers are manufactured using high-grade materials that successfully endure the abrasive nature of crushing for years together.
  • Low Wastage & Pollution – A bugbear of crushing machines is generation of excess wastage in the form of chip components. But if you buy from a stone crusher machine manufacturer of repute, issues of wastage will not crop up. Often, certain manufacturers cut corners on the quality of the machine by using inferior components to lower the final price. Wastage in the form of excessive chippings is one after-effect of such practices. Others include end products with poor grain and shape and most importantly, high pollution levels.

Stone crushing is an activity that does cause pollution by emitting excess dust into the atmosphere. However, this can be mitigated significantly by sourcing crushers only from reputed manufacturers that offer good after sales support. A stone crusher that is serviced well not only pollutes less but lasts much longer than average.

As India makes a concerted effort to catch up with China in terms of economic growth, the infrastructure sector is poised for greater government and private investment. This points to a scenario where stone crushing machines and plants will make for highly lucrative businesses.

As one of India’s leading manufacturers of stone crushing machines, Shakti Mining is positioned well to benefit from an increasingly bullish infrastructure sector. Based out of Nashik, Maharashtra, we manufacture and service a wide range of mining as well as crushing equipment. Get in touch with us today for a comprehensive stone crusher machine price list in India.

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