A Unique Medical Billing System to Ensure You Get the Best Healthcare Service


Medical billing companies in Los Angeles are known for being very professional and highly efficient in providing healthcare billing services…

The United States employs the use of a unique medical billing system where the patients’ health insurance company caters for the payment for treatment rendered by a registered healthcare provider.

What occurs elsewhere around the world, where health care is not publicly funded, is a payment system that requires the patient to pay directly for medical services rendered by a public or private healthcare service provider. This can be a pretty stressful experience for patients, as most healthcare providers would require substantial down payment before rendering service, even for life threatening health cases. The United States of America has developed a modern and convenient medical billing service system that protects the covered patients from any embarrassing situation and ensures that their health is made a priority by the healthcare providers. This billing system is one where the healthcare provider submits a payment claim with a health insurance company for which the patient is duly registered with and makes regular premium payments in line with the terms and conditions as obtained in the healthcare insurance company’s policy.

Medical billing companies in Los Angeles, California are known for being very professional and highly efficient in providing healthcare billing services to patients in a prompt and friendly manner. When the healthcare provider has rendered a medical service to a patient, it is their responsibility to ensure that they submit a full medical report of the medical service rendered, which will include the diagnosis, treatment administered and medication prescribed. They are also expected to state fully the cost of services rendered through a unique coding system.

The healthcare provider uses a system known as medical coding when submitting a report to the healthcare insurance company, this is a unique coding system that states what medical diagnosis was made and the relevant treatments administered to the patient, each medical coding also has a specific price range attached to it, to ensure uniformity in pricing, regardless of the healthcare provider rendering the health service.

Revenue Cycle Management is the overall billing interaction that occurs between the healthcare provider and the healthcare insurance company that makes payment for the medical services provided. This interaction goes beyond just payment, as the healthcare providers are actually under a contractual arrangement with the insurance companies to provide their services to registered patients without demanding any form of payment directly from them during the course of treatment. Claims made by the medical biller to the healthcare insurance companies are done through electronic means known as an ANSI 837 file. This involves the direct submission of the claim file to the healthcare insurance company through a system referred to as an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Medical billing companies prefer this billing system because it guarantees them payment for healthcare services rendered to patients. There is no doubt about securing payment for claims submitted, provided the patient is genuinely registered with the healthcare insurance company. With this medical billing system Americans have been able to enjoy the very best in healthcare service delivery, with confidence and peace of mind.

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