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Friday, December 1, 2023

A Hugely Important ‘Strolling Dead’ Negan Moment Just Happened

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As of not long ago, Negan’s keep running on “The Walking Dead” hasn’t been all “simple peasy lemon squeezy.”

For the most part, it’s been aggravating.

For the individuals who haven’t read the funnies, it feels like Negan is simply coming into the show for no genuine reason, taking out two of your most loved characters and making every one of the survivors feel hopeless.

How did this person turn out to be such a fan top pick, once more?

All things considered, we just got a look in the most recent scene, “Sing Me A Song.”

In the scene, Carl breaks into the Saviors’ haven by covering up in the back of a truck and afterward takes out some of Negan’s men. After that, he’s caught by different Saviors.

Negan demonstrates him around the place. It appears like the run of the mill Negan schtick as he makes Carl take his gauze off and ridicules him, however then everything changes. Negan really apologizes to Carl.

He does this in the comic, as well.

Picture: Tumblr

Also, now, Negan is a genuine kid.

At that time, the lowlife is at long last getting refined. Presently, he’s not only this over-the-top person who circumvents saying jokes, bashing individuals’ heads in and making terrified children sing for him.

Alright, yes, he is those things.

Be that as it may, by apologizing, he gets some genuinely necessary profundity.

As one Redditor put it, “It’s critical to show he has ethics, yet they’re recently bent.”

Somewhere else in the scene, somebody slipped a key under Daryl Dixon’s cell entryway, so he’s likely going to escape from the Saviors. In the event that that happens, it’s uplifting news for Carl.

There has been hypothesis that Carl’s storyline with Negan from the funnies will be given to Daryl in the show. In the event that that would happen, the show is most likely slaughtering the child off. Daryl getting away from the Sanctuary is a decent sign that AMC is really going to keep Carl around.

So don’t stress, Carl. You can at last sit back and relax.

(All things considered, you can’t rest that simple on the grounds that the Saviors blazed a group of your sleeping pads, yet whatever. Bravo.)

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