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A guide to clearing the office

It can be a daunting task clearing out an office, especially when the deadline is tight, and you haven’t got a workstation. So, waste removal firm, SkiphireUK have brought you this office waste clearance guide to make sure you smash your strict moving deadline with a waste clearance solution.

Are you moving from a dingy old office to a flashy new one? If so, you need to think about clearing out those old, bulky items.

Here as some questions that you need to ask yourself when handling an office clearance:


Find out how much time you actually have to clear out the office. Planning an office clearance without knowing how long you have or how long it could take is risky, you could end up not allowing yourself enough time to get it done!

It’s best to know how much time you have to be able to work out how urgent your clearance is. Its always best to clarify if the clearance is going to be an ongoing project, or if the waste needs removing straight away.

What waste to you need cleared?

When you’re clearing an office, you’ll likely stumble across various types of waste that will need cleared. Whether it’s old stationery, furniture or computers, it’s crucial that all waste is disposed of sustainably and efficiently.

You will need to separate you waste so you can identify the bulkier items that need removing, you will then discover what items will be the biggest challenge. It will also help clarify what service you need, so it is a crucial point to consider.

The amount of waste you have

It’s beneficial to identify how much waste needs clearing in your office. The quality of waste will have a direct impact on the cost of your clearance service. Most firms charge you, based on the cubic yards of waste.

With that, it is important to know how much waste needs clearing from your office, to make sure your selected service meets your expectations. Failing to clarify how much waste you have could cause multiple issues, such as ordering the wrong sized skip. Order a skip too small and you could find your waste overflowing, order too large and you could be paying to move and dispose of fresh air! So, consider how much you waste you have, it could save you a few quid.

Picking a service

Now you know how much time your have to clear your waste, the amount of time you have and how much you have to clear it, it’s now a good time to pick the best service for you waste. You can hire a skip anywhere in the UK, whether you need a skip hire Birmingham or Liverpool, companies such as Skiphire UK are on hand for you.

There are a range of different services for you to choose from too

Man & Van waste clearance

If it’s an urgent task to clear away your waste fast, a man and van clearance option is perfect for you. Clearing small and bulky items of waste, the man & van service is a low-cost alternative to skip hire that has labour included. It’s also the perfect option if you don’t have room for a skip, saving you the hassle of applying for a permit to place it on a public road.

This services clears away most waste types, however some may need adding in as extras.


Hire a skip

Hiring a skip, tends to be the bread and butter of a waste removal service, it offers a longer-term approach to office clearances. You can hire a skip on a fixed 2-week period, which is a perfect solution when you need somewhere to store your waste during an extended office clearance. Skips also come in various shapes and sizes, so you’ll easily find one that’s right for you.


So, there you have it, hopefully this office clearance quite will help you clear your office with out too much worry.



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