A Complete Private Equity Investment Guide


Private equity is an alternative form of financing that a company or business can get off the public markets. Private equity investment in Chongqing provides company owners and entrepreneurs capital or finances that may be hard to get from financial institutions or public markets. Private equity can be used for various works, stretching from venture capital to buyout capital.In this article, we’ll look into everything about private equity investment in Chongqing, including the forms of private equity available, a typical section of portfolios you can allocate to private equity, advantages of private equity investment, etc.

Forms of private equity

  1. Venture capital – This is the capital you get for the smooth running of your entire company/business startup process. It caters for everything from when you start conducting your research to the point when your business or company sells the first products or services.
  2. Growth capital – Growth capital is meant to improve the horizons of a business or company either through direct expansion, the introduction of new offerings, or the improvement of existing ones.
  3. Buyout capital – This is funding given to a company to acquire a product line or a company. The financing can be in the form of equity or debt.
  4. Other forms – This covers any other form of private equity write for us funds not covered above. It can be capital used for special situations such as company restructuring, changing industrial trends to follow government regulations, offering a turnaround for financially distressed companies, etc.

Advantages of investing in private equity

  1. Easy to access – Unlike other forms of capital available for companies and business owners, private equity is not controlled by public market forces that are mainly on a quarterly basis. This means that you can access funds anytime by liaising with a private equity firm.
  2. Long-term strategic focus – Rather than focusing on quarterly earnings (which are definitely short-term), private equity follows a long-term strategic direction.
  3. There are no limitations in how you can use the capital – As seen in the private equity forms section, there’re many ways you can use the funds from a Private equity investment in Chongqing. The ultimate result of this financial freedom is the seamless attainment of set goals.
  4. Enhanced growth for an extended period – Private equity investments are likely to yield better growth and returns compared to public market investments in the long. The main reason for this is that risks are significantly reduced in the private market.
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