A Brief Discussion on the 2021 Ear Piercing Trends


Did you plan to get your ears pierced before the nation locked down for a whole year? May be the temporary hiatus of stores along with the long hours spent staring at each inch of your own reflection during Skype and Zoom calls compelled you to add something extra to the ear game.

Multiple piercings are perhaps the best way to distract people from your wildly growing roots. Come on, all of us delayed that salon appointment at some point in our life, right? They can also help you express your unique style and personality better. After all, jewellery is an extension of clothes.

In spite of the fact that piercings are a permanent addition, not as permanent as a tattoo though, various trends just come and go in their world. Remember when belly button and eyebrow piercings were making a buzz? No problem if you have one still. We will forever the 00s look.

The experts providing both adult’s and children’s ear piercing Gold Coast mentioned a couple of piercing trends that have been dominating 2021. Please check them out now.

What is the Prediction for 2021? Will People be Playing it Safe or Feeling Brave Regarding Piercings?

After the chaos that coronavirus created, people are extremely eager to experiment with dressing up. Decorating the ears with visually appealing jewellery will be an integral part of all this.

With studios closed for a prolonged period, most of the enthusiasts agreed to get several cartilage piercings as soon everything goes back to normal. They have particular jewellery in mind and they have contemplated a lot on how the jewellery would actually look.

A large number of modern-day piercers now would not advise getting more than three piercings simultaneously. Also, it will be good to get the piercings done on same side because you cannot sleep on them for a couple of months.

What is Curated Ear?

Considered the fashion industry’s rebellious statement, curated ear is about ornamental and delicate piercings – more is definitely better. There is no such rule when it comes to placements – creating a look that would suit a person’s style and anatomy. Balance between the ears is not mandatory. It is about establishing balance with the earrings that complement one another. Your ears can be sisters but not twins.

The visual appeal of curated ear is that studs and hoops are most suitable so you will be able to modify your appearance whenever you want. The piercers recommend a combination of hoops stacked up the ears together with studs to have a style that is only your own.

What Big Shifts Happened in the Piercing World Over the Last Decade?

The best piercers and top tattoo artists Gold Coast said the biggest shift is perhaps the escalation in popularity for lesser known cartilage piercings such as conch, rook, and daith. The escalation in the availability of feminine and dainty gold jewellery means this is no longer an alternative.

People who may not have taken into account the look a decade ago are experimenting now with several piercings. Many finely created jewellery has opened up this trend to a larger audience. Starting from women in their twenties to women in their fifties are all into this trend.

Look into the healing times for every piercing. Some areas can take up to year to fully heal. Follow the aftercare instructions carefully or else there lies a chance of infection.

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