9 Tips to Get Cheap Flight: Save Big


Use Airline Consolidators

Consolidators are wholesalers who buy fares in bulk. Due to long lasting relationships, travel agents can purchase tickets from consolidators and then sell them to consumers. It’s a win/win: Consolidators offload their tickets without dealing directly with clients, and travel agents gain access to rock-bottom fares.

Clear Your Browsing History

You find a cheap flight online, search for it again later that day … and the price has high as skyrocketed. Why? All airfare portal record your browsing cookies and some use this information to raise prices when you’re interested in a flight. If you clear your web browsing data (known as a cache), there’s a chance that you’ll find the reasonable price.

Be Flexible About Date & Time

This is the number one way to save when it comes to booking flights- we’re talking hundreds of dollars. The cheapest days to fly are generally Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Book in Advance

When it comes to finding inexpensive flights, the general rule is the more available seats, the cheaper the airline ticket. So booking well in advance is usually your best bet — it’s a good idea to make your arrangements a minimum of 21 weeks prior to your departure date.

Research About Airline Hubs

Generally, flights to and from airline hubs are inexpensive because there are more flights to choose from. So if your final destination isn’t a major hub, check prices to the hub first, and then look for an additional flight from the hub to your final destination. Yes, you’ll have a layover, but you could save a lot of money in the process.

Fly during undesirable hours

“Go on a red-eye or crack-of-dawn flight,” says Elizabeth Avery, the founder of the travel website Solo Trekker 4 U(http://solotrekker4u.com/). These flights tend to have unfilled seats and often will be less expensive than midday flights.

Follow your favorite airlines

Several airlines post last-minute deals to their Twitter accounts. Check Below major airlines’ Twitter handles:

Airline website Twitter handle

Alaska Airlines @AlaskaAir
American Airlines @AmericanAir
Delta Air Lines @Delta
Frontier Airlines @FlyFrontier
JetBlue Airways @JetBlueCheeps
Southwest Airlines @SouthwestAir
United Airlines @United

What’s the 24-hour rule?

If you book a flight and realize it’s not what you want after all, don’t worry. If booked more than seven days ahead of departure, all flights out of the U.S. offer a 24-hour hold or cancellation policy.

What is the mistake fare?

A mistake fare — like dropping a zero so a $1,540 round-trip flight suddenly costs just $154 — usually comes from human error. Sometimes, it means the same price is available from nearly every departure city — like $500 round-trip from the entire U.S. to Australia.

Have you still not chosen the best consolidator for your business? We hope that the discussion made above will help you select the right consolidator for cheap flights.

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