8 Lighting Tricks To Make Any Room Look Bigger


If you are struggling with small rooms in your home there are countless tricks to choose from including wall-sized mirrors, hidden storage compartments and stripped floor rugs. However, none are as efficient as using lighting, whether natural or artificial, to make your room appear bigger than it already is and create an illusion of vast space.

We spoke to the experts at LF Illumination who shared useful tips and tricks that can help make your home appear bigger.

Spread The Lighting Evenly

If you are struggling with a small room, make sure you are using more than one light source there, particularly just one in the center. The lamp on the ceiling will only cast its light underneath it, in the middle of the room.

Multiple light sources can help open the room up. Consider having table lamps, floor lamps in every corner or table lamps wherever you find a space for it.

This will help not only set the mood of the room but also spread focus throughout the space.

Accent Corners With Wall Lighting

While we’re on the same topic, consider spreading the light throughout the room by using wall lights in the corners or areas that narrow down the room. For example, installing wall lights on the sides of the chimney will make the room appear wider even though the chimney itself is taking up valuable space.

Use Long Pendants

If your room is lacking only in width, you should consider using the height of the ceiling to make the illusion of space. You can do this by utilizing the vertical space with long pendants that will emphasize just how high the ceiling is. Pair this with high shelves and thin furniture to draw people’s eyes up and divert the attention from the small square footage.

Use A Big Lamp As Accent Piece

While some people swear by using small items and objects in small spaces, others argue that having one or two big ones can make the room appear larger. If you belong to the latter, consider having a large lamp as a statement piece that will double as a source of lighting.

Use Tall Table Lamps With Small Shades

When choosing the right size, have in mind that the height of the lamp should be at least three-quarters higher than the base. Thin table lamps can work with smaller shades and again work to emphasize the height of the room.

Choose The Right Colors

When people are struggling with small spaces they opt for lighter shades: white walls, as well as wooden floors and furniture in lighter shades. This is why you should consider going for neutral and light lampshades.

Use Mirrors To Reflect The Light

When it comes to making space appear bigger, mirrors are the tried and tested trick. What you need to do is put a mirror opposite of a window or any artificial source of lighting. Both options have a similar effect, but the latter one is more efficient if your room lacks in natural lighting as well.

Use Glass

Another classic trick involves using transparent furniture like glass tables to open up space. You can do the same with lighting, using lamps with a glass base to similarly open up a room. You can also use wall lighting with glass elements to add some detail to an otherwise bland, white wall.

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