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7 Specialty Dishes of Bangalore You Must Try

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When it comes to the cuisine of India, the classic dishes of cities like Delhi and Mumbai are usually the ones that steal the limelight. Bangalore is relegated to its IT parks and gardens, and its absolutely delightful cuisine is not common knowledge to many. In fact, the city offers an eclectic variety of specialties ranging from the essence of street food to the gourmet dishes of the multi cuisine restaurants in Bangalore. If you happen to be in the city, which is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, do not miss out on these gastronomic delights.

  • Filter coffee

What better way to begin your day, than indulge in some steaming, frothing, filter coffee from a tumbler and steel glass? This small cup of coffee has achieved this level of perfection through the infusion of finely ground coffee powder in a filter, that is then thoroughly mixed with boiling milk. Feast all your senses on some ‘kaapi’- hear it being poured from a height to get that froth. Set your eyes on its beautiful colour. Then, finally taste its sweetness and strong flavour that is unique to Mysore filter coffee.

  • South Indian Platter

It is blasphemous to come to Bangalore, and leave without eating a fulfilling South Indian breakfast at MTR or Udupi restaurants. Dosas are usually the most popular, and come in a mind-boggling variety, including Neer dosas, Ghee dosas, Paper dosas, Masala Dosas, Rava Dosas and many more. Idlis are another popular choice, and are light on the stomach besides being effortlessly scrumptious. If you want something fried, try some succulent Vadas, filled with garnishing items. Dip them into some Chutney and Sambhar to fill your palate with delectable flavours.

  • Kesari bath and Khara bath

These two dishes are made of the same ingredients, but one is sweet while the other happens to be savoury. Semolina is the basic ingredient, that is made with vegetables and spices to get Khara Bath, while Kesari bath is made with sugar, clarified butter and nuts. Both can be eaten as breakfast, although many prefer the Kesari bath as dessert. The serving of both dishes is called ‘chow chow bath’, and this simple meal has its own essence.

  • Kebabs

The city also offers a confluence of Mughlai cuisine, Hyderabadi or Nawabi cuisine, with a distinct Bangalorean flavour. The delicacies served here are the iconic Tandoori Chicken, Bangalorean Biriyani or Handi Biryani, Sheek kebabs and Rolls, Chicken kebabs, Rumali Rotis, Kozhi roti or Chicken and roti and lots more near MM Road in Fraser town.

  • Oriental food

Taking a break from Indian cuisine, if you would like to dine on some fine Sushi or Sashimi, be sure to visit The LaLiT Ashok Bangalore’s award-winning OKO. The fine dining experience here is worth a mention, due to their fabulous ambience, live counters, and splendid range in vintage and modern wines.

  • Mysore pak

If you have a sweet tooth, this will be the seventh heaven for you because Mysore Pak is a sweet famous for literally melting in your mouth. It is made of generous servings of ghee, sugar, gram flour and cardamom. In other cities you would find a hard variety that doesn’t live up to the mark, but places like Anand sweets and Kanti sweets offer the original. Enjoy the extremely soft version that is just the right amount of sweet, making it truly hard to resist.

  • Obbattu or Holige

This special type of flatbread is made by filling crushed pulses, cardamom and sugar or jaggery within a coat of flour, and frying it. It is also referred to as bobbatlu or puran poli and is savoured during festivals. It is a popular street food, served with hot ghee. It is immensely popular among children and is also known for its nutritional value. You can find them in Holige Mane in Malleshwaram.

Travelling to Bangalore is never an issue because of its excellent connectivity with all the major cities and towns. For more amazing food, also plan a trip to Mysore or Udupi.

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