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1) Cheese Prawns

Take a pan and pour 1l2 Tsp of oil and sauté the Prawns by adding Black Pepper, Salt, Soya Sauce and 1 Tsp of Garlic and ginger paste. Cook for two minutes until their color turns brown/golden. Now Pan out them and sprinkle the crushed Cheese on the top. Then Pre-heat the oven at 180 degree Celsius and leave for 20 minutes. After it gets heated place the Prawn with a cheese topping on it into an oven-proof tray and bake it for almost 15 minutes. Now take it off the oven and leave for 2 minutes for a tray to get chilled. Now Dish out the Prawns with your favorite Jalapeno sauce and eat Freshly Baked!

2) Stuffed Potato with Sauce

Have some potatoes mainly 3 to 4. Boil the potatoes for 20 minutes and leave for 10 minutes till their steam gets disappear. Now take cheese bar and cut small pieces and place in the refrigerator cubes now peel off their skin, and cut in to the cubes. Take a fry pan and heat for 2 minutes. Meanwhile cut some onions and put some sauce in the bowl. Now fry spring onions with chili garlic sauce. Then place cheese inside your boiled potato and cover it with some additional potato on the top so that it may make a circle around. Finally, fry your boiled potatoes smoothly at a low fame. Heat till the sauce mixes with the potatoes. Then garnish with a coriander.

3) Ring Onions

Hold 2-3 onions and peel of its skin and leave it inside of vinegar for 30 minutes. Now take 2 cup of Flour, 2 cup of bread crumbs, add 2 Tsp of salt and white pepper. Take a bowl and mix all of the ingredients well into it. Start adding water and make a paste of it. Now take the onions out of the vinegar and let it dry for 2 minutes on a normal room temperature. Finally, dip each onion spring. Pour oil into pan and heat for 10 minutes on a low flame. Now fry the onions by dipping it into paste and place gently for deep frying. Take them out as they turn the yellow color to brown. The mouth watering Ring Onions are ready to eat!

4) Saucy Carrots and Cabbage:

To use fresh cabbage and carrot and wash first. Cut it into cubic style. Now place a pan at a low flame and place some water inside. Add vegetables and leave for 20 minutes. Now take vegetables out into the bowl and by adding black pepper, salt, green chilies and olive oil. Mix well and add oregano to them. You can also add Jalapenos and peanuts if you like to have. Then boil some rice and finally, dish out with a topping of cheese. You can also enjoy with a Lemonade of Mint flavor too.

5) White Pasta

Take a pan, add 2 ounce of Milk, 2 Tsp of Flour, 1/2 tsp of salt and 200 grams of crushed Mozzarella. Now mix it well and a paste will be made out of it could be kept aside. Now cook this paste by pouring 1 tablespoon oil into a pan. Now take any shape of Pasta and boil for 25 minutes. Then wash it with cold water. Place Layer of pasta by adding sauce and leave for 10 minutes. Now put it into a pre-heated oven for 5 minutes until the cheese turns brown. No dish out the pasta and finally pour the left over White sauce as a topping. White creamy Pasta is ready to eat.

6) Mix Vegetables

Take Vegetables that include Beans, Potatoes, corns, by cutting them and sauté it with coriander and mint leaves. You can also take vegetables which you prefer in a day to day schedule. Now add 2 tsp of salt, 2tsp of ginger, chicken powder and at the end; before dishing it out, add chopped onions and leave it for approximately 30 minutes in steam. Until all the vegetables cook well slow the flame of the stove and dish out the vegetables. At last garnish the mix vegetable platter with green chilies at the top. You can also serve with a smoothie or a favorite Cola.

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