7 Qualities of the Most Engaging Teachers


For teachers to adequately pass on knowledge, they must be engaging. That isn’t as simple as knowing the subject matter well. Even some of the most intelligent people would not make good teachers simply because they might not be able to keep the attention of their students. If you’re a teacher and you want to engage your class better, you need these seven qualities of the most engaging teachers.

1: They Are Well Educated

To be a good educator, you must be well educated. Not only does this ensure you know the subject well, but teaching courses also teach you how to run an interesting class. You don’t have to stop education once you have gained the qualifications to teach. If you are a K-14 teacher, you could get a Fresno Pacific Online STEM Certification to learn more about STEM subjects as well as better teaching methods.

2: They Have Patience

Engaging students isn’t always easy, especially when you have a disruptive class. That is why it’s so important to be patient. Patience will help you get through the more challenging classes, and it will ensure you give the right amount of time to struggling students.

3: They Have a Sense of Humor

Education isn’t all about textbooks and reading facts. To make the class more enjoyable, teachers need to have a good sense of humor. Putting a humorous spin on a lesson will ensure students stay engaged from beginning to end.

4: They Are Organized and Prepared

It is hard for teachers to keep a class engaged when they are shuffling through large piles of paper or showing up five minutes late to class. To keep the class’s attention, you must prioritize organization. Plan the classes in advance, always have the right equipment, and show up a little early to make sure you’re ready to go once the students are in their seats.

5: They Know the Subject Well

Teaching a subject requires a good amount of knowledge on the subject matter. If you really want to be engaging, though, you should know the subject matter deeply. The more you understand, the easier you will find creating an absorbing lesson.

6: They Have High Expectations

It’s hard for students to stay engaged when the lesson is too easy. Teachers who have high expectations of their class will more often create lessons that are challenging enough to keep the students engaged. Plus, the more you expect out of your students, the more effort they will put in.

7: They Care About the Students

The teachers with the most riveting and engaging classes are the ones who genuinely care about the students. By being passionate about your student’s success, you will be more motivated to plan lessons that ensure the information sinks in. Make sure that every lesson, every day, matters and that the students come away with something.

Being an engaging teacher takes a lot of effort. By having the knowledge, organizing lessons in advance, and staying passionate about teaching, you will ensure your students are engaged from beginning to end.

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