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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

7 Men’s Bracelets You Need to Look Stylish

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Bracelets are one such accessory that can make or wreck the look. These can accentuate your personality, taking your outfit from 0 to a 10 in no time. Maybe it is a casual party, and you want to add a little cool to your outfit, or a board meeting, bracelets are so diverse they can blend in with any occasion and outfit. 

When it comes to jewelry, it is better to keep it simple. Bracelets that resonate with your vibe will be easier to pair with any outfit. Be it a business outing or a date night. Over the top trinkets can be alluring at times but can kill your look as well. While leather ones are easier to carry, gold and silver could be a little tricky at times. Know how to style your bracelet. A few bracelets, however, can never go wrong. Just like beaded ones, they complement every out and don’t attract unnecessary attention. So from the world of accessories, we bring you, 7 Men’s Bracelets You Need to Look Stylish.

1.Silver Bracelets

What is it about silver that’s makes it irresistible. Gold might look too Shiny at times, but silver will never fail you. A muted silver bracelet will instantly make you look more organized, calm, and confident. Silver is tailor-made for suits. And the best way to wear silver is going classy and sleek.

2.Rope Bracelets

Contrary to popular belief, these are not boy scout material. The only aspect that needs to be taken care of is its design. Avoid ones that have less of a mature feel to it. With rope bracelets going dark will never fail you. Darker shades of blue, brown and the classic black, of course, looks excellent on rope bracelets. Another thing you should have in mind before buying a rope bracelet is its size. Thinner versions have more gravity to them as compared to thick bulgy ones.

3.Anchor Bracelets

These bracelets bring out the carefree seller in you. These bracelets are perfect for any occasion and blend in well with most of the outfits. It all depends on the size of the anchor. For formal outfits, avoid big anchors. For more casual occasions, you can opt for ones that stand out sharper. Cobalt blue, copper brown, tan brown are a few of the safe colors. Choose between gold and silver anchors depending on your outfit. 

4.Beaded Bracelets

Coming to casuals, mens beaded bracelets are your best companion. Watch out for the size of beads though. Large beaded bracelets can ruin the entire look and can make you look childish. From the world of punks to rockstars to street style fashionistas, beaded bracelets have survived many a fashion revolutions. While shades of dark brown, teal and rusty copper, go well with casual attires, greyscale bracelets are perfect for business meetings.

5.Charm Bracelets

Speaking of personalization, charm bracelets ooze cool. If you are someone who likes to carry a little bit of mystic up his sleeves, charm bracelets are your thing! Charm bracelets are meant to be unique. So don’t be shy to go crazy. Crazy, not blingy!

6.Metal Cuffs

Only for the bold and brazen, metal cuffs shout out masculine in a less subtle way. Metals Cuffs and unpolished metal bracelets will complement a parka and a weekend getaway. The best part about these bracelets is that you can play around with them. They will blend in with both casual and semi-formal wardrobes. However, it is better to keep in mind, not to wear too much metal at the same time.

  1. Leather Cords

These will never go out of fashion. Leather cord bracelets give an extremely casual vibe. But they can bring a ton of difference to your outfit. They pull in effortless fashion and sophistication together. However, it is better to stay more on the casual sides to wear these like a pro. Wearing these the wrong way, or in combination with the wrong jewelry can immediately make you look underdressed.

Don’t shy away from adding a few trinkets to your outfit only because people might think it is feminine. You make fashion, it is not the other way round!

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