6 Tips On Using Rugs In Your Office


Rugs are more than just an aesthetic element, whether you use shaggy rugs or wool rugs, they can be used to increase the comfort of your office and to improve your staff’s productivity as well. For example, you can use rugs to reduce noise and protect your office floor from wear and tear, which could extend the life of the flooring itself by several years. You can even use rugs to designate certain areas as off limits – such as your office space or break rooms – which could make it easier for employees to keep their offices organised and clutter-free. Here are some tips on using rugs in your office.

6 tips on using rugs in your office

1) Choose the right rug

It’s pretty safe to say that your office is a place where things can get a little messy. With people shuffling papers, dropping pens, and having meetings, there’s likely to be dirt tracked into your workspace at some point—making it all too easy for an otherwise functional space to feel cluttered and chaotic. To help combat this common problem, it might be time to consider adding some extra flooring into your office decor. There are many ways to select the right rugs for your office space. One important factor to remember is that you should select rugs that complement your existing colour palette: You don’t want to add something new only to find out it clashes with everything else you have going on in your space. So before you buy anything, take a few minutes to think about what colours are already working within your office and use those as inspiration when choosing new rugs. If possible, avoid picking up anything that has colours that are dramatically different from what you already have going on. 

2) Understand the benefits of using rugs in an office

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating, everyone knows how a rug can change an office. Adding one to your work space can greatly improve its style and comfort, while also providing several functional benefits. For instance, adding a rug will help prevent foot pain as well as eliminate static electricity that could damage electronics. 

3) How to select the best colour scheme

The best way to choose an office rug colour scheme is by keeping three things in mind: function, form, and fashion. Sure, aesthetics are important, but you also want a space that encourages productivity. Choose colours that are safe bets for any room, like black, white or grey; neutral hues like navy blue or green will blend with any decor. Or go bold and add a pop of colour with a bright pink or yellow area rug. If you’re going for that trendy loft look, try weaving together a tapestry from area rugs—it’ll tie your space together without feeling forced. You could even choose colours that help amplify your branding.

4) Is the carpet too corporate?

If you have a tendency to associate carpets with stuffy boardrooms and conservative corporate culture, then it’s time to rethink your attitude. Far from being reserved only for offices and other formal settings, carpet can be a fun design element that makes any room more interesting. It also creates a softer, warmer ambiance that can instantly make an office feel more comfortable and inviting. From wall-to-wall carpeting to playful geometric rugs (like those below), there are plenty of ways you can use carpets in your own home or business space—without sacrificing aesthetics or professionalism. 

5) Do you have floorboards?

Do you have floorboards or are you working in a loft space? The answer to that question could determine whether your office would benefit from an area rug. If you have low-lying floorboards, it’s easy to add an area rug without detracting from your decor. Plus, some rugs come with clips that allow you to attach them directly to a floorboard. If you don’t have floorboards but do want a rug for your office, consider placing it over a large area of hardwood floors; place a small plant or table over any gaps for extra style points.

6) Cleaning tips

Are you planning to buy an area rug for your office? If yes, it is important that you also invest in a good vacuum cleaner, unless you can invest in a cleaning service. Vacuuming can help remove everyday dirt and dust from carpets. The best time to clean rugs is when they’re new or have just been cleaned. The reason why vacuuming should be done at these times is because carpet fibres will be more flexible and less likely to break under stress when they’re still new or freshly cleaned. It’s also recommended that you use soft bristles instead of hard ones since hard bristles may damage carpet fibres over time, especially if used frequently. You may want to consider using brushes with softer bristles for cleaning rugs as well as other delicate items such as clothing and draperies.

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