6 Maintenance Tips to keep your Motorhome in Ideal Condition


Maintaining a vehicle is must for smooth performance throughout the time; the same goes for motorhomes.Being a large vehicle there are few maintenance tips that one should follow to keep it in an ideal condition. Even if you choose professional Motorhome service in Iowa, even then following a few things would make a motorhome perform excellently and increase its longevity. So, go through the maintenance tips below in detail.

  1. Changing oil and filters

Like any other vehicles, RVs also requires changing oil as well as oil filters at a scheduled time. It helps in running an engine well or engine might seize, which will cost one an expenditure of $10,000 or more. Checking owner’s manual aids in knowing when oil and filters should be changed; however, most manufacturers suggests changing it in between 3,000-4,500 miles after it is changed once.

  1. Replacing air and other filters

Replacing coolant, fuel, hydraulic, and air filters in motorhomes should be changed routinely. If not, then damage cost might be most than $2,500 along with increased gas usage, oxidization in hydraulic system, overheating in cooling system, and more. Hence, it is essential to maintain all type of filters and replace them whenever necessary in a motorhome.

  • Servicing on schedule

An entire servicing from professionals should be carried out on scheduled timing without fail. To know when the correct time to opt for scheduled maintenance is, one should simply go through the owner’s manual for ideal recommendations.

Ignoring any maintenance schedule would lead to damages and stuff which can costs more than $9,000. Also, one should run generators regularly, even if one is driving it to somewhere or else spend hundreds of dollars in keeping carburetor in good condition.

  1. Keeping sewer system clean

Wastewater should be in excellent condition simply by utilizing biodegradable toilet paper. To avoid unwanted backup ensure emptying holding tank of RV. Always check frequently to know when to empty the tank and follow efficient disposal method or simply contact professionals. In Iowa Motorhome service station offer complete cleanup when opting for emptying tanks and other more maintenance aspects.

  1. Checking tire pressure and brakes

It is ideal for people to check tire pressure and brake-system every time. Tire pressure can be checked by an individual at home if he/she owns a checking tire pressure gauge. However, for brake check-up it is always recommended to visit an expert who knows what to check in brake system and ensure that a motorhome is safe to drive.

  1. Rubber roofs treatment

Having a rubber roof on a RV means people should ensure treating it once every year as it aids in preventing any sun damage. However, one should inspect roof twice annually to ensure that it stays in perfect condition before taking a trip.

If you follow these maintenance tips along with scheduled visitations to professionals, you will have a motorhome in ideal condition for a long period. Hence, keep these tips in mind and follow them throughout the year to save money and more.

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