How to Write WhatsApp in Bengali: The Best Way To Type In Bengali on Your Smartphone


How to write whatsapp in Bengali

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What’s your phone number in Bengali? You may know your number. Now, you may want to convert that into WhatsApp group contact and send a WhatsApp message to all the users of your group. But do you know how to write a WhatsApp in Bengali?

In this article, we will explain you step by step how to type a WhatsApp message in Bengali.

And if you prefer more details on how to type WhatsApp messages in Bengali (if you need a bit more practice, it’s definitely going to be useful for you), you should read this post.

Here’s the table of contents:


Find Your Group/Group Info

First, you have to find the WhatsApp group that you wish to join.

Tap on any number of your contacts and select the most recent group.

What is the best way to type in Bengali on your smartphone

Learning how to type in Bengali on your smartphone is a pretty cool skill. This skill is of course a skill you don’t need to do to know how to read Bengali or write Bengali, you can speak it, read it and write it in any language, but typing in Bengali is obviously a better way of practicing this skill.

Bengali is one of the most difficult languages to learn and it’s understandable. There are many other languages in India and if you learn Hindi, you know that you have to go through a steep learning curve when it comes to Hindi words, phrases, letters and everything else that makes Hindi a big language.

If you want to learn Bengali, you have to start from scratch and you need to dedicate time and effort in learning the language.

Typing in Bengali

Typing Bengali can be really frustrating, since most of the phones out there don’t have the space to fit in the keyboard. On WhatsApp, writing text in Bengali is one of the most difficult tasks to do, since you are competing with much of the text that’s going on your screen, including the rest of the messages that are being sent and received by your friends. There are various ways to type in Bengali, including the recently released keyboard designed for Android phones. But the method that we are going to show you here, is the fastest and easiest way to type Bengali messages on WhatsApp. Let’s begin.

It may surprise you to know that there is a specific way to type Bengali on WhatsApp. It is extremely simple to do, especially if you have tried all the methods that we will be going over.


So how do we type WhatsApp in Bengali using a keyboard on our smartphones?

Follow the tips below to get started:

Make sure you have the most recent Android operating system. This way you can easily access all the available keyboard apps. If you use a Samsung device and go for a Samsung keyboard, ensure you have the keyboard app called Touch keyboard and pair it with the keyboard on your device. If you use an iPhone, choose a third-party keyboard such as SwiftKey and pair it with the keyboard on your phone. After you have set up your new keyboard and installed it, take the time to download a package for your language on Microsoft. Once downloaded, open the package and select the appropriate language for your OS.

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