5 Ways You Can Creatively Use Video To Heighten Workplace Productivity


Businesses are continuously on the lookout for more ways to harness the power of technology to enhance the productivity of their employees at the workplace. Video Content Management System has emerged as the new kid on the block accelerating the learning pace with its accessibility and easy to grasp nature. Business houses and corporate firms are now in the process of imbibing this new trend into their learning systems.
Modernized emails, VC Conferencing, message threads have already found their place in most organizations. Video production houses in Delhi excel in the field of creating interesting and interactive learning videos with clear instructions and solutions to help employees find solutions to daily hurdles. This helps engage the employees through new learning and increases their skill base.

Let’s look at some of the top ways to augment productivity at workplace using videos.


1. Using Video To Scale Corporate Employee Training

In this highly competitive environment where all sorts of industries and companies are constantly trying to upgrade the skills that their employees possess, a strong employee training and development programme

can set you apart in the industry. And to readily achieve the purpose, businesses are making the most out of corporate videos to train their employees. Companies should hire an experienced instructor who can either record the presentation on their laptop or give live training sessions to the company’s employees. It will build credibility, trust and confidence among your team members.

Corporate training video is one of the most effective ways to develop your team. Such videos can also be shared among the team members via digital tools enabling your training and development efforts to reach more people without requiring a big increase in your budget.

2. Encourage Social Learning at workplace through Video

The knowledge that one acquires on-the-job is the hands on work experience that cannot be derived from any literature. Facing situations and then learning to deal with them in real time is the best teacher. However, be it learning from your own experience or from that of a colleague, the knowledge still needs some fine-tuning. Not all the time your manager, a colleague, or a fellow worker is available to guide or advice. This often leads to hampered productivity at workplaces. Social learning through video is the best way to deal with this problem that most organizations face. A subject matter expert can easily document their knowledge, experience and inputs in a problem-solving manner via videos. Such learning video can be made available on demand to all employees creating a learning environment at workplace.


3.Videos can support Sales teams to perform better:

The sales team in any business is always under pressure to meet targets and to bring in more clients. Videos containing valuable sales related inputs can be a smart tool. Sales staff can be given access to videos regarding product details, best practices, targets and deadlines, periodic updates and insights about the project and so on. A top Video Production Company in Delhi like Skittles Productions can help in making these videos more professional and impactful. Such videos can be a part of your team meetings, virtually connecting various teams involved in the project.

  1. Video are the best means to communicate your business objectives

Every business, be it a startup or a multimillion company, has its own objectives and goals. These are what drive the team to perform at their best, day after day. Survey has proven that using video to communicate business objectives to your employees is the most effective way to motivate them. A seasoned Film Production House will help create not only a professional video but also incorporate your founding story and growth in such a way that the employees are truly encouraged.

  1. Live Streaming unifies the team:

There are many events in a company that you want your entire staff to attend. Be it a town hall meeting or a compliance training, you can now live stream it to virtually connect employees to the event. Businesses can make good use of lifestreaming software to instantly unite the teams and get the information across in real time.

In 2019, we expect corporate world to embrace video as part of their team building strategies. With the help of a good Film Production House, you can creatively use video to enhance workplace productivity.

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