5 Tips to Develop an Android App for Beginners 


Are you a newbie in the programming world? If so, then we are here to assist you with some of the best practices available for android programming.

No matter what your field of interest is, we can definitely provide you with some easy and quick development hacks that will help you build a great android application.

To do this, you need a basic understanding of the following:

1) Java 

2) Android 

Java is a programming language, whereas android consists of XML that encompasses the designing of the app. It is important to have both these languages in sync with the existing android principles. So to go about developing an app, knowledge in Java is a mandatory requirement.

If you find it too difficult, you can also watch YouTube Tutorials that demonstrate the steps to install Eclipse and Java Development Kit (JDK). This will help you understand the main syntax behind java concepts, such as the for loops and the if statements.

Once you learn the basics, you can stop following the YouTube Tutorials and switch to books or online lecture series. 

Also, you can visit the official Android Developer website to know more about the Android ecosystem and more such things. 

Here are the 5 easy and efficient hacks that beginners can employ to make their first android application:

Learning about material design

The material design made by Google is the perfect tool for an android app developer. Over here, you can learn the basic idea behind the design, which will further help you with your projects. 

Use Android Studio for Android App Development 

When you develop the best android application for your business or client, you need the best tools at hand. Android Studio is a perfect example. We suggest you to start using the android studio application rather than Eclipse for this purpose. Developed by Google, Android Studio is the best IDE for android development.

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This highly efficient IDE application will compile and run your code with just the touch of a button. While other applications usually demand writing the code manually, Android Studio allows you a free hand to compile and run the code. 

Writing Code 

Just visit the official Android developer website and go to ‘Develop’. Over there you will find the following two sections:

  • Training – You can learn about some of the best lessons about android app development in this section. For your better understanding, ensure you go through all of these lessons. 
  • API Guides – Learning all these texts, documents and examples are very difficult, but it is worth reading, just give it a shot.

Stay Up to Date 

Staying up to date with the latest trends setting in the Android world will help you get the finest outcomes. 

For example, Google just recently announced Kotlin as an official language. It also released Architectural Components and a lot of libraries becoming a DE fact standard for developing modern applications such as RxJava, Dagger, etc.

There are several good blogs that you can follow to update yourself about such topics, one of which is r/android. A sub of Reddit, r/android will help you get out out of the basic customary range of familiarity and make you bring some extraordinary results. Some renowned Google experts such as Jake Wharton, Chris Banes, Yigit Boyar, are also highly active on this sub. 


Following some popular Android Developers and Android Forums on Twitter will also help you stay updated with the latest trends. 


Slack consists of some highly active groups that won’t only inform you but will also keep you up to date with the latest trends information when you are looking to develop android mobile app development.

  • Android United
  • Android Chat

In short, these groups, apart from keeping you updated, will also help you grow from a beginner to a pro developer. 

Final Thought:

We are hoping this blog helps you to become a good Android Developer. From following an Android Developer’s official website to writing the coding, you need fully concentrate on learning the theory and then applying it practically. You can follow YouTube Tutorials for only basic learning, and then use blogs and online courses to understand Android Development professionally.  

All the best for a journey that demands hard work and dedication, may you develop the best android application. 

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