5 Things You Must Have to Create an Elegant Bohemian Capsule Wardrobe


Bohemian style is closely related to hippie fashion, which is all about natural fabrics, neutral shades blended with 70s style accents, retro patterns, and statement accessories. When it comes to fashion, Australians love to stay current. Presently, the fashion eCommerce segment in this country is valued at more than 3.1 billion dollars.

Lush fabrics like soft knits and buttery leather have been dominating the Australian winter fashion scene in 2021. Women here are still in love with the free-spirited bohemian style. Irrespective of the season, a printed boho maxi dress in Australia always finds a place in the closet of most women here.

Creating a classic bohemian capsule wardrobe boils down to keeping certain clothing items in line with this effortless and relaxed style, and some of which are:

1.    Tops

Breezy, effortless, and loose tops are one of the first essentials of this fashion trend. Relaxed fits, mix print patterns, and embroidered blouses are what you should look out for when you want to go boho. If ethnic prints and bold patterns seem too loud, you can go for soft and muted colours like burgundies, russets, and mustards. Pair them with flared jeans and some junk jewellery, and you’re all set for a field day.

2.    Flowy Dresses

Loose flowy dresses featuring bell and bishop style sleeves extending well below your knees look incredibly graceful. A boho maxi dress in Australia is very popular and are light, breathable, and airy. Try wearing a printed one with wedge sandals for attending that date night with your loved one. For a casual look, you can opt for a denim vest. If you want to transform your maxi into a skirt, wear a distressed sweater over it.

3.    Footwear in Warm and Natural Hues

Bohemian footwear is all about embracing natural and warm shades like beige, browns, and greys. You have many options like platform heels, chunky heels, and even low cowboy boots. Ankle booties are a Boho fashion favourite of every woman, and you can pair them with a loose-knit sweater, flared leg jeans, and a gipsy style headpiece for that added Bohemian charm.

4.    Hats and Headpieces

No boho capsule wardrobe can be complete without hats and headpieces. You have various options for choosing hats. You can wear a simple straw sun hat over your sundress as a casual summer outfit. A classic Australian hat is also a perfect accompaniment to your boho attire. Other types of headpieces like flowing bandanas, flower crowns, and ribbons can also be worn. These headpieces most commonly feature floral and ethnic prints. If you want a traditional bohemian look, you just cannot do without investing in such headwear.

5.    Jewellery 

Quirky and unique are two words that aptly describe bohemian jewellery pieces. When looking for them, try to pick those that incorporate natural elements like turquoise, coral, wood, suede, or stone. Many women following this style wear jewellery in gold tones. But there’s no standard rule about it. If you like silver, you have the freedom to wear that too; It’s all about your preferences and style. Byron Bay in Australia is known for this hippie culture. People here are seen sporting dainty jewellery pieces and layered necklaces. However, you can also experiment with oversized earrings in geometric shapes.

The boho style is more than two centuries old. Surprisingly, it has stayed strong over the years. This fashion has evolved immensely, but its focus on free-spiritedness, individual self-expression, and comfort has still remained the same throughout.

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