5 lowest airfare Discounts You Should Know About (By Airlines)


lowest airfare Discounts You Should Know About (By Airlines)

1 Government Employees

Like military personnel (more on that below), government employees are sometimes given discounts on their airfare. Specific rules and how much you’ll save — if at all — vary by carrier. For each of the carriers that offer special government fares, you can find details below:

1.1 American Airlines

AA’s website lists that it does offer government fares. However, it clarifies that the fares are only available in some markets. To see if your position and your route are eligible, you’ll have to contact AA’s reservations line at 800-433-7300.

1.2 Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines offers special government fares. However, the carrier doesn’t detail just how much you’ll save. In order to learn more about the fare rules, prepaid tickets, seating arrangements and other special requests government employees are entitled to, call Delta at 800-325-1771.

1.3 JetBlue Airways

JetBlue offers negotiated fares for federal government employees for air travel. The special fares are fully refundable, have no penalties for changing, cancelling or refunding and more. To find out more, visit this page or call JetBlue at 888-538-2583.

1.4 United Airlines

With United’s government business travel policy, federal government employees are eligible for special fares. Only employees of the federal government traveling on official business are eligible for the fares, and government contractors are not eligible. To learn more, visit this page.

2. Membership-Based Card Discounts.

Some of the greatest perks in the travel industry don’t even come from credit cards. Membership-based card services, like FoundersCard, can give members great value and savings.

Some airline-specific benefits of FoundersCard membership include:

5%-15% off all Cathay Pacific flights

Up to 5% off JetBlue economy fares

Up to 25% off Qantas travel on US-originating flights;

Up to 5% off most US-originating Singapore Airlines flights;

Up To 10% off most fares between the US/Canada and the United Kingdom on British Airways

3. Military Personnel Discounts

Members of the military can often benefit from airline discounts. Here’s a look at the major US carriers and how their military discounts break down:

3.1 Alaska Airlines

Active duty US military members are entitled to up to five checked bags for free. When on travel orders, US military dependents also get up to five checked bags for free. For both groups, if there are more than five checked backs, fees start at $100 per bag

3.2 American Airlines

American allows active US military and their dependents additional complimentary checked baggage. If you’re traveling on military orders, active US military and dependents get five bags for free. If you’re traveling for personal reasons, AA allows you to check three bags for no charge.

AA also offers discounted military fares on some routes. Call AA reservations at 800-433-7300.

3.3 Delta Air Lines

Delta offers active duty US military members exclusive discounts on travel for both military orders and personal travel. In order to get the discount on travel, you’ll need to call in to Delta’s Military and Government Desk at 800- 325-1771.

3.4 JetBlue Airways

JetBlue allows active duty military personnel and their immediate family (spouses or children) to fly with JetBlue at a discount with its MIL fares. MIL fares are for non-duty travel using personal expenses and are nonrefundable.

3.5 Southwest Airlines

We’ve covered Southwest’s military fares and how much they can save military personnel in the past. With it, active duty military and their dependents can access the carrier’s discounted fares for travel. You have to call in to Southwest at 1-800-435-9792 and speak with a phone agent for availability.

3.6 United Airlines

Active duty US military personnel are entitled to extra checked baggage allowance on their United flights, whether traveling on military orders or for personal travel. If you’re traveling on military orders, you’ll get up to five checked bags for free, or if you’re traveling for personal reasons, you’ll get three checked bags for free.

4 Senior Discounts.

Some airlines offer specific senior fares for those who are eligible. For example, Southwest, United, American and Delta all offer a Senior Fare option for travelers who are 65 or older, although for the latter three, the discounts are only available on select routes. For Delta and American, you must call the reservations number in order to see if the senior fare is available on your route and how much you’ll be paying. However, for United and Southwest, you can search if your route is eligible (for United only) and how much the ticket will cost right from the carriers’ website.

5 Student Discounts

There are also specific travel websites that specialize in giving students premium discounts on their travel. For example, Student Universe offers discounted fares for those in college. To sample, I searched for flights from New York to Venice and found the same flight at a $96 discount when using Student Universe versus when booking directly through Iberia.

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