5 Irresistibly delicious proposal ideas


As the old saying goes, ‘food is the language of love’. Many relationships involve a great deal of bonding during meals, and good food helps create a connection. So,  with that in mind what better way to pop the question to your partner than with a homecooked treat that will sweep them off their feet? Engagement experts Angelic Diamonds take a look at five of the best irresistibly delicious foodie proposal ideas:

1.     Takeaway Treasures

For foodies who love nothing more than relaxing in comfy clothes and watching a movie on the sofa, a takeaway could be the ultimate proposal. It will be more of a surprise for them too! Your proposal will probably depend on the type of takeaway cuisine that your other half enjoys but we do have a few ideas.

If you’re both a fan of Chinese food, a homemade fortune cookie could be a well-themed proposal. Companies like My Lucky Fortune offer custom fortune cookies with the message “Will You Marry Me?” inside, along with a fake ring. When she opens the cookie, you can actually be kneeling with the real one. Or you can use any fortune cookie.

They are easily malleable when heated up. Heat for a few seconds in the microwave until soft, unfold and put your own fortune inside, then refold. Or follow these steps for making your own fortune cookie, complete with your personalised message. This is a great way to propose if you want to keep it low-key.

A proposal with pizza could be the key to some hearts. It is one of  the cheap proposal ideas that are absolutely mind-blowing! Just imagine her surprise when she opens that pizza-box! You don’t need much for this tasty proposal – a marker or a sauce will do! On the inside of the pizza box write your special message, or carefully arrange the toppings into a love heart before dropping to one knee — smooth.

2.     Baked treats

What could be better than a homemade baked treat? Some people love to take photos of their homecooked food to show off on Instagram. If this sounds strangely like the person that you’re proposing to, you might want to propose to them when they’re in their happy place — baking in the kitchen.

Here are some fail-safe tips for proposing with cake:

  • Take all the cute pictures of the cake before the proposal.
  • Make sure the cake tastes good. It’s good to have a trial run before the proposal to make sure you get the flavour on-point. Or you can order out from your partners favourite bakery.
  • Don’t bake the ring into the cake! This increases the risk of damage to the metal or gemstone, and we’ve all heard the horror stories about people accidentally swallowing expensive rings!
  • Try not to overcomplicate things – when it comes to cake, keeping it simple is the best way. Everything is going to be fine.

Some of us take the foodie proposal theme to extremes. We spotted this example where someone had carefully glued an egg back together for their loved one to crack and discover an engagement ring inside. If this sounds a little too complicated, why not hide the engagement ring in one of their ingredients? When they go to pour flour or sugar into their mixing bowl, you’ll be ready to jump in and ask those all-important four words. Once the tears and hugs are over, they can return to bake some celebratory goodies!

3.     Strawberry surprise

If your other half loves surprises and you want to keep them guessing, why not try getting creative with some sweet deserts like chocolate-covered strawberries or a fruit selection? You can arrange them to spell “will you marry me?” before popping the question. To keep your ring safe, avoid hiding it directly in the food. Hiding the engagement ring box in a discreet place is a great solution, just make sure that you hide it somewhere that you’ll remember!

4.     Cupcake cuties

If you don’t want to bake a full cake, one of most adorable ways to propose is definitely by tucking a diamond ring into the frosting of a cupcake. First, if you’re making them yourself for extra brownie points, remember that they’re simpler to make than one big cake and are much easier to decorate. Once you’ve decided on the flavour and design of the cupcakes, start thinking about how you’re going to pop the big question.

It can be a stressful moment, but you could always let the food do the talking for you. You could put a letter on each cupcake that spells out those magical words, “Will you marry me?”. Or, add one extra special decoration to the icing in the form of a sparkling diamond ring. We wouldn’t recommend hiding the ring inside the cake, a choking hazard is known to be a mood kill.

You don’t have to use cake to pop the question either, if your loved one is a fan of doughnuts, you could always improvise. Present your loved one with a tray of donuts and in the centre of their favourite one, sit the diamond ring. Just do-nut forget your important line…




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