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5 Important Advantage of Having a Wireless Doorbell Camera at Home

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Safety and security had never been a so much talked about topic as it is in the present times. With the increasing demand for safety, especially home safety, in the society, the industry is coming out with new and innovative security products and solutions. Wireless doorbell camera is one such product, which not only provides home security but also provides convenience.

Here we are discussing five important advantages of having a wireless doorbell camera installed at your home:

Get to know who has come; no guesswork

A wireless doorbell system lets you see the visitor at the door on your handset unit, through live browsing, even before actually opening the door. It is always good to know who is there rather than making guesses. It is quite beneficial in situations where there is a lady or a child alone at home.

You can talk to the visitor from inside the home

The two-way intercom system in a wireless doorbell unit enables you to converse with the visitor on door without the need of opening the door. If there is a stranger on door, you can enquire their purpose of coming to the house before opening the main gate.

Watch visitors’ images offline

There is a digital camera fitted inside a wireless doorbell unit, which captures an image of the visitor as soon as they press the bell button. These pictures are transferred to the base unit that you can view later when you return home from work.

You can watch visitors even when it’s dark outside

A good door camera unit comes equipped with night vision support. The night vision eliminates the dependency on external light for viewing objects. Hence, with a wireless doorbell system installed at home, you can see the visitor on your door even when it is dark outside.

You get an alternative surveillance system

A doorbell camera unit serves as a surveillance system for your home as it keeps watch on who is coming to your door. As it sends the visitor images to the base unit, it creates a log of visitors who arrived at your door. When you are on a vacation, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that the surveillance system is keeping a watch at your door even in your absence.

We hope that you have now understood the advantages of having a Wireless Doorbell Camera at home. If you are looking for the best wireless doorbell camera systems for home, then you may trust on CP Plus, which is the global leader in advanced surveillance & security solutions.

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