5 Facts Indian Students Should Know Before Applying For Study Visa


If you are residing in India and you want to go for the best study visa in other countries, then you should definitely know about five of the basic facts that are not so well-known and yet are extremely important. Applying for a visa is easy but when it comes to the actual strategy of approval you will see that the positive rate is considerably low. Today,  we are going to talk about some of the best facts that are to be taken into consideration by the Indian students so that their student visa application can be approved without any problems.

Facts that you need to know

The ranking should be good

One of the major factors that you need to understand is that you should have a great ranking in order to get the best position in foreign universities. The main purpose to hold an entrance exam is to understand the credibility of the student so that his or her visa can be approved accordingly. 

The intake system of the country

Indifferent of the country that you are going to get the student visa you need to understand the specific intake system. For example in Canada, there are three intakes every year in the month of January, May and September. 

Undergraduate degrees that are available

If you want to start from scratch, then it is always recommended that you go for the student visa application online for the undergraduate degree in the specific country. You can make a list of all the good streams that you can get yourself involved in and select the one which seems convenient to you.

Postgraduate degrees

Let us suppose that you are going to apply for a Canada student visa, then try to get the post graduation degree done as well so that your entire academic career can be completed. There are a number of study visa consultants who will help you in the process.

Application for permanent residency

Along with their progress to apply for the student Visa Canada, you can also go for application of the permanent residency so that you can get the work permit over there. That will help you in doing the internships even when you are learning. 

Now that you are very well aware of the entire dimension of student visa application online you can definitely opt for global links which is one of the best study visa consultants in Chandigarh and Panchkula

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