5 Essential Lawn Care Services in Bethesda, Maryland


Have you just moved to Bethesda, Maryland? Are you tired of looking at an overgrown and unruly lawn? Would you like to enjoy a green yard with perfectly trimmed and verdant grass?

Then know that there are professional companies that specialize in lawn care in Bethesda, Maryland. You don’t need to waste time, energy, and resources trying to DIY your lawn.

With professional lawn care services, all you need to do is schedule an appointment, let the pros do the job, and sit back to enjoy a lush and fertile lawn.

Call in the Experts

Whether you have been a long-time resident or have recently moved in, you don’t need the unnecessary worry (or added workload) of caring for your lawn. There are professionals that you can call to do the job for you.

The difference between minding your lawn and having lawn specialists take care of the job is you’ll get better results with the latter. Unless you are a trained lawn care expert, it is best to leave your lawn care concerns to those who have the training, skills and experience.

Lawn care is not just about mowing the grass or getting unsightly weeds out.  It is both an art and a science where you need a comprehensive understanding of specific factors involved in maintaining a healthy lawn. You need to know the soil acidity or alkalinity, for instance, to ensure that your property stays in good shape.

So if you want to have a lawn that you can truly enjoy and be proud of, then dial the number of lawn care experts who can perform outstanding lawn care and lawn treatments in Bethesda, Maryland.

We have collated some of the services that professional lawn care professionals can help you with:

1. Lawn analysis

Before you can have your lawn “fixed,” lawn care professionals will first make a thorough assessment of your lawn. They will need to evaluate its current condition to know which lawn care measures must be taken. Lawn experts will then visit your property to check the grass, soil condition, and yard use.

They will then discuss all lawn details with you, ask about your specific lawn concerns, and inquire about your goals and expectations for your lawn.

Reputable lawn care professionals will usually develop a bespoke lawn care program first before giving you a quote for the services that your lawn needs. Established lawn care companies can provide you a free lawn appraisal, as well.

2. Testing for pH and soil adjustment

Depending on the initial lawn assessment results, lawn care professionals may recommend that your lawn undergo pH testing and soil adjustment.  This step is critical in determining soil viability for proper plant growth.

Knowing the degree of acidity or alkalinity of your lawn soil is vital because healthy lawns thrive with well-balanced soil. Soil testing and pH adjustment are crucial so your lawn can adequately absorb nutrients.

3. Grub control

Grubs are larvae or immature forms of beetles and chafers that can damage your lawn. They do this by feeding on the roots of your grass, especially if your lawn is weak. These pests can cause brown patches throughout your lawn and may eventually kill your grass.

It is best to call in professional lawn care experts to get rid of pests. Go for local lawn companies because they are already acquainted with grubs unique to the Maryland and Northern Virginia zones. Early detection and correct treatment will help prevent grubs from destroying your lawn.

4. Lawn care treatment

Every lawn is unique. That is why you must ask your lawn care company for a bespoke lawn care and maintenance plan. It will also be to your advantage if you call in experts from your area, since they would have an in-depth knowledge of the common problems plaguing local lawns.

Lawn treatment programs are comprehensive plans that involve insect and weed management, a fertilization timetable, and other procedures that will ensure a healthy and flourishing lawn.

Professional lawn care companies may have several lawn treatment programs for you to choose from. They could have a basic plan that includes periodic fertilizer application and insect and weed control. Lawns that have low-to-moderate insect and weed pressure may only require a basic plan.

Lawns with a more extensive insect or weed problem may require an intensive lawn treatment program. The lawn care company may have to conduct frequent visits to control and eliminate pests and weeds. Expansive lawns may also require this type of program.

Some lawn owners may also ask for an all-natural or organic form of treatment. Others may also need help with other lawn care concerns such as core aeration, de-thatching, hydro-seeding, over-seeding, slice seeding, sod installation, and topdressing.

Top lawn care professionals will know exactly how to combine lawn care techniques with cultural practices to end up with a lawn worthy of praise.

5. Lawn landscaping and construction

It would also be worth asking if your lawn care provider can provide landscaping and construction services.

From inception to construction, professional lawn care experts can also take care of landscaping your lawn. They can provide you with insightful suggestions based on their knowledge and experience with lawns.

Not only will they have ideas on what is pleasing to the eye, but they can also recommend the best use of your available resources and the natural elements in your yard.

Well-regarded lawn care companies work with architects and professional construction crews to develop aesthetically pleasing and innately healthy lawns.

Enjoy a Lush Lawn with Expert Help

To ensure that you have a healthy, flourishing, and pest-free lawn, it is always a good idea to seek professional lawn care services. Local experts, such as the ones based in Bethesda, will have homegrown knowledge and expertise in treating and managing your lawn.

No matter the size of your lawn or how serious the problems that besiege it, lawn care and maintenance experts will undoubtedly know what to do. Don’t waste any more time or effort trying to do the lawn job yourself. Err on the side of caution and call for the professional service of lawn care specialists in Bethesda.

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