5 Characteristics of Professional Scuba Diving Classes


Water sports and adventures on the sea provide a great escape from personal and professional obligations. Those who want to stay away from the waves in the ocean,  can just relax on the beach or get pleasure from activities such as building a sandcastle, having a scavenger hunt, playing beach soccer or kickball, relay race, treasure hunt, collecting shells or going for a walk along the shore. However, those who want the ultimate adventure and thrill, for them, the sea is not all about just swimming and relaxing. Below are examples of activities that allow you to get some of the best experiences on and under the sea. 

  • Parasailing       
  • Kitesurfing
  • Deep-sea fishing 
  • Sea kayaking
  • Windsurfing
  • Water skiing 
  • SCUBA Diving and more.

 If you would like to experience scuba diving and are looking for scuba diving gear and scuba diving classes,  finding a trustworthy dive instructor can be a challenge. Make sure your instructor is a PADI or SSI certified instructor.   Maybe ask how many dives he or she has been on and how long they have been a certified instructor. 

If you plan on signing up for scuba diving classes, make sure you choose the right scuba diving instructor.. In this article, we share the five characteristics of an instructor offering professional scuba diving classes. 

Professional Appearance                   

Professional appearance always counts in the workplace. It leaves an immediate impression. Almost all scuba diving classes have a dress code for their instructors. A responsible instructor usually adheres to the dress code. Professional appearance leaves you, the new diver,  with a good first impression. Professional appearance and proper grooming is a good indication that the instructor is interested in gaining respect and trust of their client. They take their job seriously and you therefore feel more comfortable and confident learning from a serious instructor. 

Professional Equipment 

A professional scuba instructor does not just tell you how to use a particular piece of scuba diving equipment. The instructor tells you everything about all of the equipment. The instructors knows that they, most likely, won’t be there when you are purchasing or renting your scuba diving equipment. Choosing the wrong diving equipment can leave a negative impact and also cause safety concerns. So, make sure you learn about every single piece of equipment needed to have a save dive. 

Professional Attitude  

Professional attitude is also an important aspect of choosing your dive teacher.  The instructor’s appearance combined with attitude are important in what teacher you decide to go with. The teachers should ideally keep their language positive and put you first without complaining. 

Patient, Empathetic  

Scuba diving is a challenging activity. The instructors understand it takes time to learn diving. They know that not everyone is a quick learner. Maybe you are too excited to wear dive equipment and are not quite ready to explore the fantastic underwater world, however, the instructor will understand your pace and encourage you while being empathetic.


While experience is not the only quality you should consider, of course it matters. Even less experienced instructors can be knowledgeable, but instructors that have made mistakes in the past, have learned from their mistakes. Experienced dive instructors have knowledge of marine weather therefore understands the sea.  Their knowledge can make your diving experience safe, exciting and memorable.

You can also check ratings and reviews about the instructor. A disappointed person usually doesn’t  forget to share their bad experience. 

Whether you are interested in getting certified in scuba diving or just going snorkeling, it is good idea to  take your instructor’s advice before buying or renting scuba diving or snorkeling gear.

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