5 Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Friends


Once in a year celebrations, birthdays are events when you feel loved and the most special. Everyone wishes you, bringing your gifts to make you feel cherished. And that is why you must thank them for their love and support. You need not give out long thank you speeches or roll out emotional messages, but you can just depart them with birthday return gifts showing your gratitude and love. Here are five birthday return gift ideas which you can give to your friends this birthday.

  • Personalized Keyrings

This is probably the simplest yet most special return gift you can arrange for your friends. Make a list of all the people who would come to your party and accordingly get keyrings for each of them with their names on them. You can look for some trendy ones that have cartoons or fictional movie characters like Batman or Game of Thrones. Or you can go with the conventional ones like the name on the rice or of silk threads with names sewn on them.

  • Chocolate hampers

If you are super confused, chocolates are the ultimate return gifts for your rescue. You can make small chocolate hampers filling in with a mix of different chocolates like dark, white and stuffed chocolate to hand over to your guest when they return from your birthday party. There are also many attractive personalised chocolate packages available in the market today. To make it personalized, you can add a message in each to make them feel more special.

  • Goody boxes

It is always fun in getting and receiving surprises. You can prepare a goody box that has different items as return gifts. It could contain chocolates, candies, keyrings, earrings, toys, bands, etc. You can also add some funky things, like fridge magnets, board pins, pens, pop sockets, etc.

  • Utility items

Why not give them something that they can utilize in their daily life? Look for gifts that have some utility for your friends. For your young friends, you can give them things like a lunch box, pen sets, diaries, bookmarks, etc. For others, you can gift things like mobile covers, pen holders, photo frames, etc. You can also gift them coffee mugs, laptop bags, backpack, shoes, etc.

  • Cute gift items

If you do not know who all will be coming and have no fixed number, you can look for gifts that can be gifted anytime to anyone. They could also be segregated according to gender. For example for girls, you can look for cute makeup kits, wallets, brush set, accessories, nail paints, etc. For males, you can search for socks, ties, mobile stand, hoodies, etc. If you are also inviting some couples, you can go ahead with gifting them candles, fresheners, Curtains binders, vases, etc.

Return gifts are a good way of thanking your friends for attending your birthday party. It also means that you acknowledge their efforts of visiting and bringing in gifts on your special day. With these simple return gift ideas, you can bring happiness on their faces and show your love.

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