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5 best places to celebrate your birthday in India

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Birthdays are the best day for all the people, and you tend to get excited when it arrives. Although each year you don’t want the same dull Cake Cutting at home or a nearby place and then having a dinner with family or with friends or a night out or a good club. These are all boring, and you might need something special for your birthday. To make the things unique, you need to have better surroundings a new environment and hence moving to a new place to celebrate your anniversary is the best bet. Today we will be talking about five different places where you can enjoy celebrating your birthday.

Let us enlist all the places where you can get a reasonable enjoyment for your birthday; then we will talk about these in detail:

  • Gokarna, Karnataka
  • Tosh, Himachal Pradesh
  • Goa
  • Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu
  • Lonavala, Maharashtra

Gokarna, Karnataka – Poor Man’s Goa

You like Goa but is worried about the crowd you will get at the place, and hence you will not be able to enjoy much, then this place happens to be the best for you. If you need some birthday gifts ideas for women who has everything, Gokarna is the ever best place. Gokarna, Karnataka is the place which is famous for travelers but is not as popular as a leading tourist destination. Here you can come to get a good low-key and casual holiday feel. Along with your friends, you are going to enjoy the vibes, and you will have your best birthday till you are not going to celebrate your birthday again in Gokarna.

Birthday Party in Gokarna
Birthday Party in Gokarna

Tosh, Himachal Pradesh – The Himalayan Village

Himachal Pradesh is full of mountains and when you talk about Himachal one will think the place is a hill station, but Tosh is situated in Parvati Valley and turns out to be the most perfect and a unique destination in the world to celebrate your birthday with your friends. Here you get the peace of nature with a lot of picture friendly mountains and surroundings which are going to make your birthday picture shine for next ten years. You can even trek to Kheer Ganga if you are still falling short of excitement at the place.

Birthday Cottage in Tosh
Birthday Cottage in Tosh

Goa – The party capital of India

Celebration and Goa both are synonymous here you will get all the different types of holiday for all kind of occasions. Here you can get the mind-boggling club outings, rave parties, and other nightlife. You can even have the best options for candle light dinner in Goa like seen in the below video. Goa happens to be the best place even for a quiet and peaceful celebration which comes in South Goa. You can quickly set out different types of environment for your birthday party maybe with your friends or perhaps with your family, or only with your fiancé.

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu – The south-most India

India is a gem of the country when it comes to beautiful places, and Kashmir and Kanyakumari happen to be the extremes of the nation. Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu is not a place which people will think is ideal for a birthday bash, but it is. Here you can celebrate your birthday day by visiting different historical monuments and also shopping at local flea markets. Along with monuments and shopping, you will have the company of your friends with whom you will be able to experience the beauty of the place and can enjoy watching the mesmerizing sunset at the beaches such as Sothavilai Beach or the Kanyakumari Beach.

Lonavala, Maharashtra – Party with lush greenery

It is the go-to place for the people living around especially in Pune and Mumbai and is hell crowded on the weekend. If your birthday is falling on a weekday and looking to celebrate with your college collogues away from the crowded streets, then you can quickly route through the landscapes and get a resort for a stay. From every resort, at Lonavala, you are going to get the best of view you can get. Spend your day enjoying the spa and relax the whole day partying at night; you cannot imagine a birthday better than this.

Wayanad, Kerala – Party inside the jungles

Although we have taken Kanyakumari from Tamil Nadu, we are also making a bonus place apart from the Top 5 which is also a great place to spend your precious 24 Hrs of your born day. These 24 hours you can spend in the Edakkal Caves which is just few Km far from the place. And rest of the day you can easily enjoy the natural fresh water at the Pookote Lake where even you can enjoy boating. There are some wildlife sanctuary and a number of the waterfall where you can easily enjoy the day.

These are few palaces in India where you can easily enjoy your precious 24 Hrs. Do let us know if you have your own set of top 5 places to visit on your birthday in the comment section below.


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