5 Advantages of Online Booking a Taxi to the Airport


Visiting new cities and countries is always an exciting adventure, full of unexpected discoveries and vivid impressions. Route planning, research of sights, acquaintance with local culture – all this creates pleasant moments in our daily life. Nevertheless, keeping everything under control during a trip is not an easy task. One way to avoid stress is our ability to organize everything in advance, as far as possible.

Havana Transfers

  1. Reliability. You do not risk that at the last minute there will be no cars or prices will rise. The main problem of finding a taxi at the airport is the lack of reliability. These people will never miss the opportunity to get a double or triple price from you.

When ordering a taxi to the airport on the Havana Transfers, you can be sure that you pay the real price. The risk of a breakdown is almost zero. By accepting your order, the company has taken on serious obligations and will never commit violations.

  1. Fixed transfer fee. The cost of the taxi you ordered to or from the airport is fixed. You can immediately find out the terms of the baggage transportation, the cancellation period, the cost of additional services and get an accurate price calculation on the site. It does not matter whether you decide to pay for a trip by a card on the site or directly to the driver, the price stated at the time of booking is final and cannot be changed after the booking is confirmed.
  2. You can reduce the cost of the transfer. At first glance, the price of Habana Transfers from the airport is higher compared to other options, for example, with an electric train or a bus. Nevertheless, we must bear in mind that this cost is taken for all the passengers of the car, while the price of travel on public transport is paid by each passenger separately. It is very convenient if you are traveling by a group, because you can divide the cost for all passengers. As a result, each of you will pay much less. In some cases, such a trip can cost even less than a train or a bus.
  3. Meeting at the airport with a sign. Another obstacle in finding a taxi from the airport to the hotel is often a language barrier. If you flew to another country and do not speak any local language or English, then it will be difficult for you to find a taxi and explain the driver all the details of the trip. At the same time, if you order a taxi from the airport in advance, you just need to enter the details of the trip on the site. The transport company will take care of everything else.
  4. The ability to pay for a trip on the site. Again, if you are traveling abroad, one of the disadvantages is the need to purchase in advance the local currency. In addition, a taxi driver may not always have a surrender. Therefore, it is more reasonable to order a transfer in advance and immediately pay for it with a card on the site. And cash you can tip the driver, of course, if you like the service.

Thus, having spent 10 minutes to order transfer, you can fully prepare for the trip, eliminating unnecessary surprises. And then the road from the airport to the hotel will probably be the easiest and most enjoyable part of your trip.

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