4 Ways to Increase Engagement and grow your following count


Instagram is a platform where millions of people and brands are busy to promote their ideas and products respectively. It is getting difficult to stand out from the competition. But it’s not impossible, there are some proven strategies that lead to get more followers and increase your post engagement resulting in more comments, shares, views, and likes. In this post, we have gathered some ways to boost engagement and get more followers on Instagram.

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How to get more followers on Instagram:

Here’s how to get more followers on Instagram. Let’s dig into it!

Create finger-clicking content:

Consider to do this four thing when you are going to post content on Instagram:

  • Get the sizing right. Make sure that you get the right size of the photo when you are going to post any image. If you have no idea about the size of the image, Google it.
  • Think about the subject. According to recent studies, images with woman subjects resonate well than those images with men subject. It sounds cheesy, but it is fact. Even advertisement campaign with women tends to get more sales.
  • Avoid stock images. If you want to get more digital attention then don’t consider to post stock images. Use real image on your profile.
  • Cut back on the text. For increasing the post reach, use less text (if you are sharing text image post)

Encourage Engagement:

Create that type of posts that encourage your potential follower to like, comment and share. It is the foolproof method to boost your post engagement. The more you increase engagement, the more you get followers. Either way, post your product picture and also try posting the poll. You can share different photos of your products and ask your followers which one is your favorite product by commenting on this post. Another way is to encourage your users to tag your friend in this post who do similar things. It is a great way to engage more people with your posts.

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Be Authentic:

Stick to one rule on Instagram i.e. be authentic. Share your real picture or your team photo working on next project will garner more likes than the stock image in order to boost engagement. Try to post human-like posts on your page. Share behind the scene photos, throwback pictures or event photos with your followers. These type of images get more engagement than any other photos.

Tap Into what’s Trending:

However, getting viral status on Instagram is more difficult but you can get the benefits of someone else’s success by liking and commenting on trending photos and videos. People prefer to see trending photos and like them than other photos. When you create your content calendar, mark the event and holidays, create content that relates to that event or holiday. For instance, October 31 is deemed “Halloween day or Halloween. Take some photos in Halloween costume and share it with your followers and encourage the users to share their thoughts by commenting on this photo.

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