4 Reasons Why Woolen Quilts Are Bedding Essentials


Wrapping oneself with bedding layers has been a timeless way to induce a good night’s slumber. However, too many tightly infused layers can restrict movement in sleep, causing discomfort. In such cases, sleeplessness or constant wakes becomes common. Quilts are the best to buy, to keep away such intriguing uneasiness. Unlike duvets or sleeping bags, wool quilts are lightweight, slip-on effortlessly, and the most comfortable wrapping alternative. Also, quilts are gaining desirable popularity among people as they serve an all-season purpose. They are also the best to buy for cold sleepers and those who prefer a comfortable sleep environment.

Benefits of Woollen Quilts

The prime reason why quilts are the best to buy is that they can suit your guests, neighbours or friends who move in for a sleepover. Most side sleepers and people who sleep on their stomachs have found woollen quilts much more comfortable. On the bottom line, quilts can suit all types of sleepers during all seasons. Here are some benefits you can enjoy from woollen quilts.

1. Temperature regulating comfort

Unlike synthetic or polyester quilts, which deliver a certain intensity of warmth during winters, woollen quilts can keep you warm during winters and cool during summers. How do woollen quilts do this? This is one unique property of wool quilts as they provide dual insulation. During winters, wool will trap external air and create a protector layer out of it- as a result, you will feel warm.

On the other hand, during sweaty summers, woollen quilts will get rid of your body’s moisture to leave a refreshing feel. These quilts can also create a balance between excess and mediocre warmth/coldness. On the bottom line, they provide you with the best temperature to have a good sleep.

2. Multi-usage

Since woollen quilts lack zippers or bulky down insulation fibres, they are remarkably lightweight and breathable. Thus, you can either use quilts to wrap yourself on the bed or couch. Alternatively, quilts can also slip on under your bed covers to induce excessive warmth for those who sleep on their stomach- under quilts work well to insulate your cold mattresses.

3. Choice for the allergic!

Wool fibres have a stunning hypoallergenic property, and woollen quilts are the best to buy if you have kids who suffer from asthma or breathlessness during cold nights. Wool is one of those fabrics that will never cause a respiratory allergy, so they are safe for your babies- lightweight wool quilts work the best as swaddles.

Some surveys suggest that around 45% of Australians live with some allergy and 80% of them suffer from mite allergy. Dust mites are commonly occurring organisms in Australian households in toys, clothing and beddings. The worst part is you can never see or identify a mite- they are microscopic. Thus, the best way to elude from them is to use woollen quilts that do not harbour dust mites.

4. Easy maintenance

Bedding laundry can be highly exhausting, especially when you have hefty duvets and sensitive quilts to get washed. Luckily, woollen quilts are lightweight and do not create a mess when it comes to washing them. Also, most woollen quilts are machine-washable. So, you don’t have to spend hours washing them or waste extra bucks on dry clean.

Woollen quilts with felted fibres can directly be put into the washer and air-dried until subsequent use. Not just that, wool is a hygienic fabric by itself, so you need not wash them often. On the whole, there isn’t much you will have to do to care for your wool quilts other than using a mild wool detergent to wash them.

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