4 Most Common Reasons to Seek Medical Treatment from Podiatrist Adelaide


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There is a special team of medical specialists who take care of your lower legs and feet. The experts are called podiatrists. They might not have gone to a medical school but they are doctors. Podiatrists are certified to perform surgery, prescribe medicines, analyse X-ray tests and fix the broken bones. The role of this medical professional is immense in everyone’s life. As everyone faces certain ankle and foot problems in life, a podiatrist becomes a saviour. However, many people are not aware of the common ankle and foot problems.

Because of the heel, ankle and foot issues, you will not be able to perform daily activities in full vigour. The bony growth or heel spur is one of the commonly diagnosed problems. Understanding the health issue, the professional can suggest the treatment plan. In this way, you can save yourself from strain or sprain at the right time. Redness, trouble walking and swelling are usually observed. Even the athlete’s foot and scaly skin can be dangerous. In case you are not sure when to seek help from podiatrist Adelaide, here’s what you need to know.

Going for Long Runs again

When you start running after a long interval, the podiatrist’s advice is much needed. The runner’s knee or shin splints may become a huge problem. Especially, when you are going for football, basketball or netball, the tremendous amount of pressure on feet could be problematic for many. The sudden changes for the body and continuous movement give rise to the problem. As the problems start showing up, the podiatrist can spot the risk of injuries and suggest treatment according to body type.

Getting Rid of Nail Fungus

As your toenail grows inside the skin, the nail is not grown in a proper way. It leads to infection and people with big toenail suffer a lot. Attempting to fix the issues on your own creates fatal problems. At this time, the podiatrist can save the toe without causing harm to the neighbouring tissue or toenail. The treatment may require the removal of the nail. According to the experts, you should be careful about the sanitation factor at a nail salon. You can ask the pedicurist to sterilise before getting a pedicure.

Finding Solution for Flat Feet

Due to flat feet, your feet may face unusual pain in the neck, back, hips, heels and feet. It is a myth that a young person may grow out the fallen arches. However, the problem extends to knee issues or bunions. The podiatrist takes care of the foot alignment issue and you should start it at an early stage of life. There is an abnormal pressure on the body causing bunions where the big toe expands. In the meantime, the medical expert can opt for orthotics designed to fix the foot for a neutral position. This alleviates the pain on a large scale.

Dealing with Diabetes  

There is a connection between your feet and glucose level in feet. If the glucose level decreases, there are certain health problems in the body. Gradually, you may see the blisters after wearing shoes. The weak nerve endings are damaged and this situation reduces sensation in the feet. Therefore, the person will not feel the blisters. Additionally, the risk of infection will only increase and the blisters will take longer to cure. Foot amputation is one of the common problems and diabetes is to be blamed. The podiatrist is capable of fixing the blood circulation in the blood.

If you feel persistent pain in the heel after waking up in the morning, you should seek treatment for heel pain Adelaide when needed.

Author bio: Charlotte Walker, a health and lifestyle blogger, with multiple quality articles on the benefits of treatment for heel pain Adelaide. Here, she mentions the most common reasons to opt for podiatrist Adelaide without thinking twice.


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