4 Low Investment Business Ideas That Will Make You Money in 2022


It is estimated that the average millionaire has seven main income streams. Built from different areas including real estate and stocks, one additional stream includes capital from other business operations. But how do you start a venture with very little money?

Luckily, there are several low-investment business ideas you can try. Read on as we give our guide on four low investment business ideas. 

Content Creation

Content is the backbone of the web. Everyone needs it, from social media stars to e-commerce stores. This means if you are a creative individual such as a graphic designer or writer, there is no end to the revenue-making opportunities.

There are two ways to approach content creation. You can either start a business or put out your own content on social media or a website. This is a great long-term plan, but it takes time and is not going to bring you revenue until you build a following, which may take years. 

Another idea is to create and sell content to others. This brings money right away but is a short-term solution. 

Create and Sell Software

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a developer to create and build a software package. If you have the capital to invest, then you can hire someone to make software for you as part of your business investment. You just have the idea and hire the right company to do it. 

At Builder.ai we will even guide you through the whole process, discussing changes, and improvements and assigning you a product expert. We are so confident that we have even provided a list of low-investment business ideas, some of which can be enhanced with the addition of your own software package

Event Planning

If you are an organized person then a low investment business as an event planner is a great option. All you need is the time to get the business started. 

Start by planning your own event, getting used to the job, and building a portfolio. Make sure it ties into the theme of what you want to plan, be it weddings, children’s parties or corporate events. After this, you can create a website containing your portfolio and begin to contact businesses or individuals. 

Online Course Creator

As someone looking to invest in a business, you must have a skill that helped build your capital. People will be willing to listen and learn about what you have to say, and this is where creating courses comes in. 

It does cross over with content creation, but there are special websites such as Udemy where you can upload your courses. From art classes to finance, many of these command high prices and are a great way to build a side income with very little.  

Low Investment Business Ideas

These low-investment business ideas are just a few of many. Consider the skills you already have and how much time you can put into a business. From here, you should be able to plan and build an extra income stream. 

Builder.ai can help you in your journey. We make building software so easy, that anyone can do it. Click here to see our builder studio and get a free demo immediately. 


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