4 Good Changes That Protein Powder Can Help You With


Protein plays a very significant role in any fitness routine. It massively helps in gaining muscle mass, helping you to achieve those six-pack abs and toned muscles. Food high in protein includes lean meats, fish and seafood, eggs, and dairy products.

But it is sometimes difficult to get protein from these food groups, which is why all those gym enthusiasts love taking protein powder, a kind of supplement you can make into a shake and drink after a workout.

Can protein powders make you gain or lose weight?

Protein powders help you in both gaining and losing weight. Everyone needs protein, even if you don’t intend on gaining or losing weight. The recommended protein intake is 0.8 to one gram per kilogram of body weight.

You can adjust how you take your protein supplements according to your goals like:

  • Lose weight

One of the factors why you probably have excess weight you want to get rid of is overeating. Luckily, protein makes you feel full longer, allowing you to control your appetite much better and avoid unnecessary eating.

Protein shakes are usually taken as part of breakfast to reduce hunger throughout the day.

  • Gain weight

Everyone has a different body type. Therefore, you can’t compare yourself to other people, especially when it comes to diet. Some people might find it harder to gain weight than others.

Sometimes, no matter how much they eat, they still can’t seem to gain weight. Taking protein supplements is an effective way to get the proper and sufficient nutrients your body needs.

  • Build muscle mass

When you’re exercising, it is important to take food supplements that will aid in helping your muscle tissues to recover after intense training. Protein supplements are very effective in muscle repair and muscle growth in the body.

In addition, protein gives you more energy to perform better in every workout session. Protein powders are the perfect way to help you achieve your body goals faster.

  • Reduce fat

Because protein supplements are very helpful in building and toning muscles, unwanted fat deposits in the body are reduced. It would be best to incorporate cardio or high-intensity interval training to keep your heart rate up and burn fat faster and more efficiently.

Protein powder for the lactose-intolerant

Whey protein, the key ingredient of most protein powders, comes from milk. However, how would you take protein powder if you are lactose-intolerant? Fortunately, other protein powders are plant-based and vegan.

What should you look for in protein powders?

Before you buy protein supplements, the first thing you have to make sure is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), an organisation that checks the standards and quality of dietary supplements.

You can also check the type of protein used in the powder. For example, hemp protein powders are ideal for bulking up because they contain a high amount of fibre.

Protein powders also have many flavours like chocolate, banana, strawberry, etc. These are made from natural or artificial sweeteners. Of course, it is best to choose a protein supplement that has natural ingredients. Also, watch out for other uncommon ingredients in the powder.

Protein powders are truly a wonder in the gym or at home. You can do so much with this protein supplement, whether you want to gain or lose weight, build and tone muscles, or reduce fat.

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