3 Ways to Reinforce Positive Energy across Home with Water Features Melbourne


Feng shui is a traditional practice of bringing harmony in an individual’s life and the surrounding environment. To elaborate on the subject, it is capable of using the invisible force to keep humanity, earth and universe together. Now, how your home is decorated, it influences the feng shui levels. Even if you are planning to place a water fountain in the backyard, it can influence the harmony at home. The influencing power may irk the positive vibes or go perfectly with the energy forces. Hence, as a first-time user, you may feel jitters creeping in. You don’t want to upset the Zen factors at home, do you?

The relation between water fountain and Feng Shui go way back. It starts with leaving a profound effect on people’s minds. According to Chinese traditional practice, ‘Qi’ energy is linked to water. When the water is gently moving, it can distribute the energy around. Don’t you feel awesome having experienced the fountain water flow? The correlation with positive energy and water features Melbourne is always hard to discard. Go through the following tips to take care of feng shui and water features at the same time.

Feng Shui, Fountain and Zen

In order to keep up nature at its best, the water fountains are the ideal way to prevail Zen. The water gardens maintain harmony between birds, family, pets and friends. You should keep the chemicals away from the water. This allows the pets to drink the refreshing water and keep themselves cool in the scorching summertime. Even no matter what you are developing, an extravagant English garden or a personal garden, the positive vibes will keep the living organisms healthy. In a way, you are unlocking the path of chi for all. Don’t forget about maintenance because all the creatures should find simple joy in it.

Choose the Material Carefully

For the feng shui fountain, there are certain materials to consider. Concrete, resin, wood, ceramic, stone and metal – these are the popular fountain materials found in the market. The popularity of metal is more preferred because of diminishing wood energy. So, metallic water is considered to be auspicious. However, ceramic or stone can balance out the excess water energy for spreading love among the family.

Placement is Vital

Are you going to place the structure in the abundance area of the backyard? If it is in the southeast sector, it is related to the wood element. Then you can influence the energy of wealth and luck by putting a few coins in the feature. Now, moving to the northern side, career, support and work are the prime focuses. The element of water plays a huge role, here. And, if you are thinking of the front door, the water fountain can embrace the power of chi and keep the energy flow. In this context, the water flow is essential to consider. Is the water flow towards the main entrance? Then do not keep it away from the door. Apart from home, for the home office, the feature should be at the place where your workstation is.

It is important to contact a bagua who can find the right space for embracing the auspicious energy around the house. In the meantime, don’t forget to keep a tab on the beautiful collection of fountains Melbourne regularly.

Author bio: Anna Lee, a popular interior decorator and blogger, has written many articles on how to clean fountains Melbourne. Here, she mentions the top three tips to use the service of water features Melbourne for feng shui.

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