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3 Tips to choosing Custom Curtains

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Interior décor can be very expensive but when you don’t have the amount of money needed to do a full makeover of your home interior, Custom Curtains is a quick way to give your home a facelift. This type of Custom Drapes are every popular as they offer many advantages. Before you jump right in to buy one of these drapes, there are a couple of things to consider that may influence your purchase. This includes the type, the color and the room in which the curtain will be placed.

Room where curtain will be used

Curtains and drapes are for windows and doors that are placed on hanger. Their elegance is in their simplicity and cost effectiveness when it comes to improving home interior. The kind of curtain you decide to buy will depend on the room in which the curtain will be put up. The kind of curtain you buy for living room may differ from that in the room. You may want more light in some areas and less light or complete blackout s in other rooms. These are the things you will have in mind when finally choosing a curtain to use.

Type of Custom Curtains

Curtains can come as blockout curtains, light filtering or different fabrics.

  • Blockouts are great for use in rooms that you will like light shut out such as in bedrooms. They also come in handy in winter as they have insulating properties
  • Light filtering curtains will darken a room without keeping out all the light. It is great for use during the day for privacy or shutting out unsightly sites from outside.
  • Screen fabrics are great for use in the living areas. It helps reduce the glare of light as well as the heat from it.


Color is very important when choosing your curtain. As part of your reason of buying a curtain will be to improve on the interior décor of your house, the choice of color should be complementary to the existing color in the house. These curtains come in different shades and a buyer can choose from these different shades keeping in mind the wall colors of the room. The decision may be easier when it comes to buying Blackout Curtains as they usually come in darker or neutral colors that may blend easily with any other existing décor.

The above are the most important tips that will help you choose the right roller curtain for your home. Other things that may influence purchase decision may include fabric and cost. Generally cost may vary with the quality of fabric needed. While the quality of fabric may be a big issue for some people, for others it will not be important. For most people, as long as they understand why they need the curtain and the reasons outlined above that will help them make the right choice; cost may be the only other determining factor. However, this shouldn’t b a problem as there are Custom Curtains for all budget levels.

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