3 Reasons Sports Fans Love Cleveland


While Cleveland is a mid-sized market, the city is one of only a few in the U.S. to host a team in three of the four pro sports leagues: the MLB Indians, NBA Cavaliers and NFL Browns. It also has an indoor soccer team, arena football team and minor league hockey team which all receive strong support.

For a sports fan, there may be no better city to live than Cleveland – if you aren’t already here, 

you might want to take a look at Cleveland real estate so you can join them. Of course, you might need a few more reasons why this is so many love it here.

The Legends

Cleveland’s rich sports history goes way back, from Jesse Owens who was raised here and just happened to have the city as a middle name, paving the way for others to shine while achieving Olympic glory as an exemplar of grace under pressure and human dignity, to NFL star Jim Brown, widely considered to be the best all-around athlete of all time. 

Then there are the Browns, the team who managed to defeat the Baltimore Colts 27-zip in the 1964 NFL championships despite being such an underdog that Sports Illustrated even had a difficult time finding a photo of one of the players to put on the cover afterward. Despite their reputation, according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the team reached the postseason 22 times during their first four decades in the NFL, including four NFL championships between 1950 and 1964, creating many fans for life.

The Camaraderie

The instant camaraderie that comes with meeting a new Cleveland fan is hard to beat because this person understands exactly what you’ve gone through. That’s just part of the reason why fans keep coming back year after year, through thick and thin. Whether the team is winning or losing, you’re bound to have plenty of friends around to celebrate with you or to offer a shoulder to cry on. 

There are few teams that can match up to the legacy of the Browns and their fans in particular. While the original home stadium no longer exists, Cleveland Municipal provided one of the true home-field advantages in football for decades. It saw the team win four consecutive championships in the AFC before playing in six straight NFL title games in the early 1950s. Ever since, fans have shown up in droves.

The Wins

It can be hard to endure losing season after losing season, but the Cavaliers helped to end a 52-year drought in June of 2016. In a game that finished 93-89 against the Golden State Warriors, the Cavaliers managed to outscore a team that was compared to Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, bringing the championship home to Cleveland. It was the first major pro sports championship won by a team based in the city since 1964, and the win is likely to keep the fires of passion burning among sports fans here for many years to come.

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