3 Quick Facts about Orchid That You Should Know before Capturing Them in Your Lens


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Orchids are a stunning and distinctive type of flower, which is one of the most diverse. The popularity of the flower can be contributed to a number of facts including the fragrance of the flowers, their colorful blooms, and their beauty, etc. The pretty plants are now an endangered species, but they found in various regions of China, mainly in Sichuan. And that’s the reason why every year a wide number of flower lovers come to this land to explore this beautiful flower and capture them in their cameras.

Would you also like to experience the great feeling of witnessing different kinds of orchids and capturing them? Then, take part in the orchid photo tour China offered by WildFloraTour. Amidst the serenity of nature, you will experience something amazing that you can hardly forget in your lifetime. However, do you want to know about these flowers before witnessing them? To help you, here we have put together a few interesting facts about the orchid. Take a look.

  1. Flower characteristics

Orchids come in a plethora of colors and sizes. The appearance of the flower depends on the species that they belong to. Though there are several variations in the plant, there are some features that they share. And the common one among them is three petals, and three sepals that can be easily mistaken for petals. They also have a waxy tube-like structure that is familiar as a column – it is the fusion of the male and female organ of the plant. Moreover, they have a lip that is called labellum. The petal works as a landing pad for bees and other pollinators but the appearance varies based on the particular orchid type. Most of the orchids go through resupination – a process in which the lip starts at the top of the flower and moves downwards as it matures.

  1. Growth types

These flowers are mainly divided into two main growth types – monopodial orchids and sympodial orchids. The single stem orchids are called monopodial orchids. They have aerial roots and the stem will grow indefinitely. Of this type of orchids, the leaves grow from the end of the stem and the flowers from the sides at the base of the leaves. The more common of the two orchid types, sympodial orchids grow latterly and have stems, which are bulb-like and are familiar as pseudobulbs. They contain nutrients and water, which serve as a reserve source for the plant. Flowers emerge from the end or base of the pseudobulbs.  New pseudobulbs can also grow from leads, which emerge from the base, or from the rhizome.

  1. Species of orchids

Between 20,000 to 30,000 species of orchids are found in existence all across the world and as a result, the orchid family has one of the greatest numbers of species among all plant families. Of them, 1300 species are found in China, mostly across the South and Southwest part of China. And Sichuan is one of the provinces, where you can expect to see 440 orchid species. Among them, Cypripedium or slipper orchids are most attractive. There are about 50 species of these orchids all over the world and half of them are found in Sichuan. Other kinds of orchid species that are found here include Calanthe, Amitostigma, Cymbidium, or Neottianthe. The Cypripedium species grow in forests or stony places on the grasslands with a height of 1500 to 4000m. If you want to get a glimpse of these flowers, then you should come to Sichuan between May to July. But June is the best time to see such endemic flowers.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and start your journey. To know more about wildflower china, get in touch with the touring companies or the local guides today.

Author bio: William Green, a blogger on wildflower China, here writes on a few facts about an orchid that you should know before taking part in an orchid photo tour China.

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