3 Outfit Ideas to Try with Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses at Your Bestie’s Wedding



If your best friend’s wedding is going to be one of the most glamorous affairs, you cannot think of anything else than gold sequins. The golden colored disks exude bright metallic effect which can separate you from other maids in the row. Moreover, the shiny embellishment goes pretty well with every type of skin tone. And did you notice how the sequins liven up an outfit in no time? Moreover, the right amount of gold sequins maintains elegance like nothing else.

However, many women think twice before donning the mesmerizing sequined dresses. Only one wrong step can create a huge blunder. As you wear the gold embellishment dresses, you are waking up your fierce side. No, you are not going to look like you have just come out of 80s disco ball party. Additionally, you are ramp-ready to make a bold statement. If hearing all these things you are getting the push, go through the following section.

Don’t Forget about Gold and Silver

Silver amazingly works with the golden hues. No matter what type of accessories you are choosing, the silver ones maintain the wow-factor. Starting with your earrings, get a pair of silver-colored chandelier earrings. The shiny effect matches the gold sequin bridesmaid dresses just perfectly. Moreover, not for the day look, the outfit goes for the evening reception, too. The shimmering silver bangles can shine your personality successfully. When every one of you is wearing the same outfit, why not highlight your individuality through the accessories?

The Game of Metallic is on Point

Have you looked at a golden clutch and thought why it was shining? This may be the effect of metallic color. The accessories give off a polished metal effect and it looks shiny. When you are choosing an embellished long trumpet dress, you can bring the metallic effect. How? Start with a clutch bag. Choose one that has metallic shade and is also adorned with faux diamonds. The shimmering part will complement your sparkly outfit. Of course, you do not want your hands to look too empty. But don’t fill it with junk jewelry, only a cuff under the elbow can speak volume. And for the shoe department, get a pair of metallic peep toed shoes.

Stay with Glittery Gold

If the bride wants a fairytale wedding, you cannot put on something too plain and simple. If that’s what your personal style is, you can still look enchanting in a minimalistic outfit. Get a shimmering gold dress with spaghetti sleeves, at first. If it has a deep V-neck, you can wear a long sleek chain to fill the emptiness. Let your hair down and wear a crystal headband. And, have you noticed the feather earrings? Here’s a golden opportunity to put on a pair of feather crawlers adorned with little white stones. Matching with glistening factor, you may choose a pair of gold and white high-heeled sandals.

You can pull off the above-mentioned styles effortlessly since the budget cannot bother you. So, don’t forget to check out the collection of cheap bridesmaid dresses.

Author bio: Michael Harris is an experienced fashion blogger with multiple articles on how to look simply beautiful with the cheap bridesmaid dresses. Here, he discusses three styles to try with gold sequin bridesmaid dresses.

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