3 Laughingthrushes never to Miss when You are out for Bird Watching in China



China is one of the favorite places for the bird kingdom. 1470 bird species are found and among them, 93 are endemic. However, 87 bird species in the total group now suffer from the global threat of extinction. But laughingthrushes and their allies are extensively found in this country. Grey Laughingthrush, Mustached Laughingthrush, Spotted Laughingthrush, and Streaked Laughingthrush is only a few to name.

Belonging to the old world passerine group, the laughingthrushes are widely popular in different areas of China. Generally, the tropical forests are their favorite place across Southeast Asia. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Don’t be fooled by their medium-sized body because their strong legs are very strong. And they usually have a similar type of bills. The laughingthrushes are not even likely to migrate due to their weak flight. Now, if you wish to witness brown plumage or grey laughingthrushes amidst the lightly wooded environment, your next trip to bird watching in China will be quite helpful. Go through the following section and know which laughingthrushes should be in your bird watching wishlist.

Giant Laughingthrush

As you are walking around the southwestern part of China, giant laughingthrush is sure to cross your path. Generally, the giant laughingthrushes have chestnut-face and white spots all over them. And they are mostly found in the bamboo scrub flying around broadleaf forests. After spotting one, you may pay attention to the bird’s sweet and melodious song. The slight variation in the repetition is the main highlight of their song. However, the bird species used to be found in a large range in Sichuan but the population seems to be decreasing.

Elliot’s Laughingthrush

Widely found in Yunnan, Shaanxi, and Guizhou, Elliot’s laughingthrush is another popular bird of mainland China. Thriving in the bamboo thickets and broadleaf forests, their quaint beauty is going to enhance your trip fun. But how do you spot this species? Look for the long-tailed laughingthrush present in the grey-brown shade. The pinkish-grey crown is another highlight along with the golden olive colored wing.  Nevertheless, these birds tend to breed in between June and September amidst the dead vegetation or twigs. And if you want to spot them by their voice, prepare yourself for the high-pitched clear song.

Barred Laughingthrush

Known as passerine or perching bird, the barred laughingthrush is mostly found in central and southwestern China. It used to be considered near-threatened previously but it is now globally threatened. These birds generally rely on the vegetable diet and some invertebrates. And similarly, like the other two laughingthrushes, the barred laughingthrush also lives in mixed-broadleaf and broadleaf forests along with bamboo thickets. Their voice is clear and loud. Moreover, the sound resembles that of flute sound. The repetition is not to be missed either. If you wish to spot them in the wild, look for the barred black and buff. Their tail also carries a touch of black and white.

So, you cannot wait any longer to catch a glimpse of the beautiful and signing laughingthrushes? Book your tickets for Sichuan birding tours now.

Author bio: Amy Chung, a bird watcher with an active blogger, has recently published an article on how to make Sichuan birding tours more fun. Here, she mentions 3 laughingthrushes that you have to spot when you are out bird watching in China.

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