3 Large Hounds to Welcome in a Family Full of Kids without Hesitating Further


Originally popular as hunting dogs, the hounds have the nature of hunting. They even actively participate in physical activities if the chance is given. The hounds are generally found in large size. However, dachshund may seem out of the place. In any case, they make brilliant pets accompanying their owners always. Now, the hunting habit is more or less passed down to generations. Some of them are driven by the scents yet some of them only follow a trail. When you have been willing to get a large fluffy dog, do not hesitate further. The large hounds are the best.

As you have kids in the house, you may mull over the proposal. Why large hounds, in particular? Because they are friendlier than you could ever imagine. The kids accept the huge yet cuddly figure very easily. Additionally, most of them are super friendly and caring around youngsters. These hound dogs have unbelievable self-control and do not much time in yapping around. They make adorable companions grow up with. Additionally, the giant breeds are attentive. If all these things sound fun, know which breeds match your criteria.


Originated from Egypt, this special breed is popular for its high energy levels. On the contrary, they like to sleep as well. Analyzing their structure, greyhounds are ideal sprinters. So, you can get yourself a jogging partner in the morning. But when it home, make sure that the fences are up. They are notorious for preying upon cats, rabbits, and squirrels. Additionally, in cold weather, greyhounds shiver. If it snows or rains, a warm coat may be a good option. In the context of shedding, they need minimal grooming but they shed all year round.

Norwegian Elkhound

If your kids are all grown up now but you need an affectionate pooch, Norwegian elkhound is a great option. They may not be easy to train but their high intelligence will leave you astonished. If a firm approach followed, the loyal breed has a great time. Even despite being a hound, Norwegian elkhound adapts to apartment environment well. But they are mouthy and you should keep it in mind beforehand. It is important to let the pup socialize properly because they may become aggressive towards other animals.


Not suitable for apartment living, this breed is moderately good for a novice owner. They have a high tolerance for cold weather and very affectionate with kids. Because of their water-resistant double coat, the Newfoundland pups shed heavily during fall and spring. However, regular grooming can do the trick. Again, this breed has a firm work ethic and their working abilities can be improved through exercises. The Newfoundland pooches do not like to be confined in a one-bedroom apartment. Their wanderlust often drives them to be happy while exercising. In any case, always watch out for hard surfaces because a pup does not have fully formed joints.

Newfoundland pups love water activities. There are other water dogs including Labrador retriever, Spanish water dog, and Chesapeake Bay retrievers. Get all the information and before welcoming the new member in the family.

Author bio: John Bowen is a popular blogger who has trained many water dogs for improving their working abilities. Here, he talks about three hound dogs which are comparatively larger in size and suitable for families with kids.

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