3 Common Staffing Issues in a Restaurant


Restaurant managers have many responsibilities to juggle each day, from customer satisfaction to safety and hygiene. Of course, they will find it difficult to tick every task off their list without the help and support of their restaurant staff, who are crucial to compliance, the customer experience, and the business’s reputation.

Yet, managing a team isn’t an easy task, as there might be many personalities to juggle and issues to resolve each day. Learn about the three common staffing issues in a restaurant.

  1. A High Employee Turnover

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the foodservice and accommodation sector has a quit rate of 6.6%, which is a considerable amount compared to the private industry’s quit rate of 3.4%. In September 2021, it was reported that approximately 4.4 million people chose to leave the foodservice and accommodation sector of their own accord.

Unfortunately, poor staff turnover can prevent a restaurant from providing the finest customer service experience. Plus, managers and remaining employees might struggle to meet demand or constantly need to train new people.

To protect customer service and increase staff morale, business owners must provide staff with a rewarding working life, a competitive salary, and a positive company culture. It could help the company retain its best team members and impress every customer who walks through the restaurant’s door.

  1. Workplace Safety

Restaurants feature many hazards that can impact a person’s health and safety. For example, employees are more susceptible to:

  • Slip, trip, and falls
  • Manual handling injuries
  • Fire and electrical hazards

Restaurant owners must strive to create and maintain a safe, hazard-free environment to prevent onsite accidents and serious injuries. Also, they must develop a safety culture across the business to help every team member and customer stay safe on the premises.

In addition to developing a workplace safety policy, it is imperative to invest in the right restaurant insurance coverage, which could provide financial protection against workers’ compensation claims, general liability, business personal property, or liquor liability, to name a few options.

  1. Poor Staff Motivation

Cooking dishes, serving customers, and cleaning regularly can be both physically and mentally exhausting. If your team members work hard many hours per day for little thanks or reward, they might struggle with motivation. A lack of passion for the role cannot only lead to a higher employee turnover, but it can impair productivity and affect customer relationships.

Restaurant managers can improve motivation by hosting an open forum between senior management and restaurant staff. It should provide an opportunity for your employees to share their opinions, problems, or ideas. Also, strive to create a warm, friendly, and supportive environment to make employees feel excited to come into work each day.

Running a restaurant comes with various challenges, but the right team can help you develop a smooth, profitable business that attracts many customers. Therefore, you must provide your staff with a safe, supportive, and friendly environment that rewards hard work and dedication.

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