Uri Geller puts NASA

Former Exeter City chairman Uri Geller has issued an unusual warning, claiming that a mass alien invasion is heading our way – and it will be happening soon.

The legendary spoon-bender – who claims to be one of the world’s most investigated mystifiers – made the announcement in a statement on Instagram after scientists mapping radio waves discovered a giant energy source 4,000 light years away.

In a statement on Instagram, Uri said: “My dear friends, A team mapping radio waves in the universe has discovered something unusual that releases a giant burst of energy three times an hour, and it’s unlike anything astronomers have seen before.

No doubt in my mind that this is connected to alien intelligence way way superior than ours.

“Start deciphering their messages! They are preparing us for a mass landing soon!”

Shocked by the claims, followers of Uri Geller were quick to show their disbelief at his statement.

One person wrote: “Can a possible neutron star be ruled out though? Read more here: Uri Geller puts NASA.

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