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David Cates Highlights Important Factors of Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers

LawDavid Cates Highlights Important Factors of Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers

If a person has got injured or lost a loved one owing to the fault of someone else, then they must try to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer and filing a lawsuit against the party at fault. Not all lawyers or law firms are the same, nor are all legal cases. Minor injury cases are quite different from cases that involve severe injuries or even death.  However, no matter the specifics of a case, an experienced lawyer like David Cates will surely be able to help.  He is a seasoned trial lawyer and a strong proponent of union rights.

Specializations, expertise, and experience are important factors that have to be considered when searching for a personal injury lawyer. The success of any lawsuit largely depends on the dedication and proficiency of a lawyer, and hence it is crucial to hire the right one.  Here are some of the top things to consider when choosing a personal injury lawyer:

  • Reputation: Good reputation in the industry ideally implies to a higher success rate. Even insurance companies are aware of this fact. Hence, they are more likely to deal with a claim more reasonably if they see that the injury victim has a competent and reputed lawyer by their side. A reputed lawyer can increase the value of a settlement and boost the ability to get the case done.
  • Experience: One would obviously not select a brain surgeon to do their surgery if they knew that they had never done a surgeon before. In a similar manner, it is smarter to hire a lawyer with experience than one with none, especially if the case is complicated and involves a high sum of compensation. A lot of money tends to be at stake in wrongful death cases or something similar. Hence, one would want someone who has actual experience in handling such cases.  Experienced law firms would know how to advance a claim in an efficient and timely manner. Most of them will have a proven track record in dealing with serious personal injury cases, which will highlight their skills and expertise.  People must also inquire about their experience prior to going to trial. Even though most good lawyers do settle cases without even having to go to trial, having no trial experience will mean that they might not be able to fare well in an unexpected situation.  Moreover, negotiating and winning a case will before all the more difficult if the other party knows that the lawyer of a victim lacks trial experience.

Good personal injury lawyers like David Cates understand that after an accident, people are bombarded with emotional, physical, and financial difficulties. Hence, they try their best to help their clients and their families get through these difficult times. David majorly focuses on nationally-recognized complex personal injury cases, including class action, mass torts lawsuits, as well as employment discrimination, and civil rights cases.

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