The Booming Economy Of Suvs In Europe

Sports Utility Vehicles, more commonly known as SUVs, are the fastest growing car class in the world.

Their sheer domination of the global market in the past number of years is utterly unmissable.

Not only does this style of vehicle cater to a variety of activities, it also offers immense possibility.

It is fair to say that customer demand has changed in recent times when it comes to requirements in a vehicle. Fuel and cost efficiency must be accurately aligned, while comfort and class also go hand in hand.

Leading international tyre manufacturer, Michelin, has set out to examine what has fuelled this significant growth in the popularity of SUVs by deconstructing the market from a more global approach and presenting data in a visual format, comparing the UK, Sweden, and Germany, analysing the top selling SUVs and their rapid, overall growth. To see this in more detail, check out Michelin’s SUV cars infographic for the full results.

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