How to Make Money with Webcam Business in This Corona Lockdown Period?

The worst outbreaks may have occurred only in a handful of big cities so far, but the experts say that the worst is yet to come. Already a few rural counties are also seeing some outbreaks. The only way to cope with this pandemic is social distancing and complete isolation. While the majority of the regions are observing social isolation until April 30, there are signs that a complete lockdown for a much longer period is inevitable.
As the businesses are operating in loss, people have already started losing their jobs. It’s just the first wave of the VCOVID-19 pandemic, which has the potential to put the entire world in complete lockdown for a very-very long time.
Interestingly, adult websites are having quite a good time amidst the lockdown. In fact, to inspire social distancing, Pornhub made its premium subscription free of cost until April 23.

The initiative took the brand in talks among the mainstream media, which is hardly a scene in the normal days. Nevertheless, it’s certain that the mainstream limelight is working well for the brand and its flooding with traffic now.

It could be the right time to make money from an adult website

The COVID-19 pandemic might have forced the entire world in lockdown, but the adult entertainment industry has found itself a perfect break to attract the attention of people sitting alone in isolation.
While various capitalists might have suspended their venture plans in the midst of the COVID-19 spare and dread for a potential financial crisis, a lot more are considering this to be the correct time to invest in the adult industry. The pandemic has dragged individuals into isolation with their smartphones and computers. If something that they would want in this time of crisis is the internet and entertainment to kill their time.
Truth is the lockdown is encouraging dependence on video streaming more than ever, and what could be a better way to entertain such people than adult content streaming. Take Pornhub’s move for instance. While the free premium access will attract many first-time premium subscribers for the brand, the experience would certainly encourage many of them to continue with the premium access after the free period as well. Moreover, let’s not forget the word of mouth the brand received.
No economic slowdown can overcome the love for adult content among the people. Unless the pandemic and the economic slowdown cause the internet to shut down completely, I don’t see the demand for adult content going obsolete under any circumstances. If you are an entrepreneur, even the zombie apocalypse can’t stop you from digging out an opportunity to become valuable and make money helping those in need under harsh conditions.
Make money with webcam business in the lockdown

Adult websites are attracting traffic more than ever. The sudden wave of traffic is kitting them with unparalleled ways to make money with webcam business. This is an ideal opportunity to arrive with significant webcam business ideas and set up a moneymaking machine by being valuable to the target consumers. The excellence of the adult webcam business is it can bring cash for you in the lockdown by using purely online methods.

How adult webcam sites make money?

Adult webcam sites or camming sites serve two types of users:
⦁ Adult webcam models
⦁ Adult webcam site visitors
The websites hire webcam models to perform on the site, which is very similar to that of performing in a strip club, except it is safer on a webcam. Now, the models get several options to attract visitors and encourage them to spend tokens on them. A token is a virtual currency of a webcam site that visitors purchase in exchange for actual currency. A visitor can spend the token on a model for a number of reasons:
⦁ To Tip a model
⦁ To place a request
⦁ To purchase a private session
⦁ To send direct messages to a model
Besides, models use a number of many other ways to encourage visitors to spend as many tokens on them, which may range from selling video clips, selling nude images, phone-sex, taking care of sugar daddies, and selling used panties, etc.
Eventually, the webcam site calculates the tokens collected by individual models and pays them respectively after deducting a percentage cut as commission. Generally, the commission ranges from 20-30 percent, while the rest 70-80 percent goes to the models as wire transfer in their bank accounts. The more a cam girl encourages the visitors to spend on them, the more she makes from the webcam site.

Webcam modeling- Best way to make money from home in the lockdown

The best part about webcam modeling is it does not require a physical presence. Since everything happens virtually, the models can work from the comfort of their homes in the COVID-19 pandemic. Many strip club models who have lost their income source in the lockdown can make good use of webcam modeling, and if things go well, they can make even better money in webcam modeling than traditional strip clubs.
Once, porn stars and porn models called webcam-modeling null and waste of time, but it is now a much easier way to use the isolation for making money. In fact, there has been a boost in the popularity of adult webcam sites for a long time before the quarantine. In 2018 itself, the webcam industry generated over $2 billion of revenue.

How to setup a webcam website in the lockdown?

As a webcam site owner, you need not visit anywhere physically to start a webcam business. In fact, you don’t’ even need to build a website by yourself, as there are ready-made solutions available in the market to set up your webcam website in a few days without writing even a single line of code by yourself.
You can simply use a turnkey script like xCams. The xCams script is a ready-made website builder for webcam modeling. All you need to do is install the script on your web server and you can use a graphical user interface (GUI) to set up your back-end, customize the front-end, update site information, and go live with your webcam site on the go.
Besides, the adult webcam script comes with an embedded webcam model API from top model agencies. It means you need not even hire models by yourself, as the model API will give you instant access to hundreds on live models, ready to perform on your site from the very first day itself. Apart from this, xCams is an open-source code script, which implies that there is no recurring fee. Just a one-time payment to purchase the source code is enough to make you a proud owner of an adult webcam-modeling site.

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